Smashing Pumpkins Unite With Famous Rapper For “The Rage”


Smashing Pumpkins have united with hip hop superstar Kid Cudi for a song on the soundtrack for The Rock’s new movie Rampage titled “The Rage.” In the track, Kid Cudi samples Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet With Butterfly Wings.”

Billy Corgan wrote on Instagram, “If you get a chance this weekend, check out this young man [The Rock]’s new movie (RAMPAGE) which features a @kidcudi track w/ @smashingpumpkins @the_rock_original_ @chamberdrums @jamesihaofficial @jjjschroeder @jackbass89 @nwa.”

Corgan also recently wrote on Instagram, “The world that made me is the same world that denies you your birthright. And is the same world that says neither I, nor you, exist as we conceive in our own mind’s eye. But if you accept the blessings of such relentless negation, they and only they have the keys to restitution.
This is the maze of the Devil and the Dead. Fake idols, false gods, false life, false world.”

He also recently wrote, “Disassociate. Disassociate. Dissociate. When your silver shoes have wings, fly. Or when your silver shoes make the paper, run…”

  • Atrosion Band

    It’s “weaponized” with subliminal encoding. BWBW was banned by Clear Channel in 2001, and CC took over radio, disenfranchising rock. A few rappers have picked up that you can sample certain material and get the “juice”.
    Or maybe I’m crazy?

    • Samantha

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    • Trovoid

      You’ve been saying a lot of illogical things here and I hope you are getting help. You’ve brought up conspiracies and seem to piece together a lot of strange words and subject matters.

      • Atrosion Band

        So how many months have you spent studying this subject? I’m in over a year now… And I started with a technical and cryptographic background. All knowledge is a conspiracy to someone that hasn’t done the research. I am not certain of these things yet, but have enough to send curious minds on their way. How many Dolby noise reduction units were there in the world in 1966? Who owned them? Who invented them? For whom? What is the primary mission of the patent holder? Why is Pearl Jam’s ‘Last Kiss’ not banned but the original with identical lyrics banned? Why was the instrumental “Wipe Out” banned? Why couldn’t you buy an American pressed vinyl in the UK and vice versa? Have you ever heard of the Clear Channel Ban before me? Have you ever heard Charles Manson’s music… Fucks with your head doesn’t it? You can take it or leave it, but I ain’t putting my ass on the line to give you the answers my curious mind uncovered. Why are labels hungry to buy Chance The Rapper and not other talented MC’s? Do they want his words? Is there a legal loophole around using samples if you don’t sell the material or put it on CD? Corgan sent me on this path… So there is relevance to this article. What would the world be like if every time someone tried to give someone a nugget of truth they were told to get psychiatric help? 2018. Where happens right after countries become overly-Neurotic? War… We can’t even accept others most like us if they posses a differing thought. I have given up searching for acceptance… There is none.