Ozzy Osbourne Makes Sad Quitting Announcement


Legendary Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne revealed that he quit multiple jobs after a few days in a new SiriusXM interview with Billy Morrison. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed how he passed out for a terrible reason.

Ozzy first discussed being forced to cancel and postpone all of his 2019 tour dates after suffering multiple health issues earlier this year, including a bad fall at home while walking to the bathroom. He said, “Well, hopefully I’ll be well for January, we’re heading for January, but we’ll know end of November, beginning of December. But I’ve got to get back onstage, I miss it so much. It’s like taking my pacifier away.”

Morrison said, “You know what 9 to 5 is about.” Ozzy responded, “I didn’t last more than 9 to 5. I would get a job, quit 3 days later. I couldn’t do it. The guy would go, ‘Is this it for the rest of your life.’ I’d go, ‘Fuck no.’”

Howard Stern recently made a disturbing Ozzy Osbourne wife claim. Morrison told Ozzy, “I was the same, except I got fired after 3 days.” Ozzy shot back, “I didn’t leave voluntarily on my own.”

Ozzy Osbourne is expected to resume his ‘No More Tours II’ in 2020, though he has not vowed to never perform again at the end of the run of shows. Ozzy previously did a farewell tour in 1992, but he quickly returned to performing and reunite with Black Sabbath later in the 90’s.