Alice In Chains Reveal How Tool Are Tied Into New Album


Tool are currently recording their new album with producer Joe Barresi, and Baressi is now pulling double duty, as he is mixing Alice In Chains’ new album.

Cantrell revealed that Baressi was working on the album to Guitar World in an interview from L.A., where the as-yet-untitled record is being mixed by Barresi (Tool, Queens of the Stone Age).

He’s relieved to be through the recording process but admits with a laugh that “I’m still in the last few weeks of anxiety about screwing up this record. The nitpicky and manic part of me keeps saying, ‘We’re not done yet!’ But we’re almost there. The finish line’s in sight.”

He also discussed the band’s upcoming 2018 tour.

“Touring is its own animal, and it’s really the best reward, because you get to stand in front of people that care about you and want to hear you play,” he says. “And to this day it’s still amazing to me that people show up to see me play. But somehow it worked out where we were able to, through a lot of life, a lot of ups and downs and a lot of records, make some music that people gave a shit about. And the cool thing is we give a shit about it, too.