Metallica Drummer Told 90’s Icon When He Quit Band It Might Be ‘Incredibly F*cking Stupid’


Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher was recently interviewed by Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich on Beats 1. Gallagher recalled Ulrich texting him the day after he quit Oasis.

“I remember, I think it was the day after I left Oasis, I got a text from the drummer from Metallica.”

“He said to me words to the affect of: You’re either incredibly brave, or incredibly fucking stupid. That’s what he meant by the text. I texted my mate from Metallica back: ‘I think it’s going to be alright.'”

They also discussed their love for U2. “They are far and away my favorite live band ever,” Gallagher declared. “They’ve evolved many times – they’ve gone backward and forward and sideways and upside down and all sorts [of ways]. But there’s always one song [on an album], could be two, could be four, where you just go, ‘fuck!'” He described the moment when the beat enters “Where the Streets Have No Name” as “one of the greatest moments in live music.”

Ulrich and Gallagher also talked about the challenges of performing songs that were written two or more decades ago. But the always-confident Gallagher, who is now 50, suggested that age had no impact on his singing ability. “I think my voice is getting stronger,” he told Ulrich. “Funnily enough, if I’m doing a song that Liam was singing like ‘Go Let It Out,’ I’ve got to step it up as opposed to step it down, because I’ve got a different kind of range.”