Stone Temple Pilots Reveal What Song Is ‘Off Limits’ Without Scott Weiland


Photo credit: Corey Hickok

Stone Temple Pilots members Jeff Gutt and Eric Kretz were recently interviewed by Brad Copeland of the Rick & Brad Morning Show. They discussed the band’s current setlist. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Kretz said, “Now we get to pull out stuff that we haven’t really busted into in 20 years.”

They were asked if any songs were off limits to play without Scott Weiland, and Gutt seemed hesitant to perform “Sour Girl.”

He said, “That’s more up to these guys, but I have a particular thing with ‘Sour Girl’ because I feel it’s a personal message. To me, that one is a little off limits. But other than that, I’m game.”

Kretz said about the auditions, “It’s a tough thing, because we wanted to give people a variety of songs to choose from. Because some people’s voices were great for ‘Interstate Love Song,’ but then when they got to ‘Dead and Bloated’ they just couldn’t hit, or something like Piece of Pie, whereas Jeff can hit everything.”

Gutt said about the new STP album, “I did a lot of research, many many hours, days, maybe months of research, on the writing styles, and the differences, and what I could bring forward that made sense, that I could do as myself, that would still make it still sound like a Stone Temple Pilots record. That’s why it sounds like something new, but familiar at the same time.”

  • Olga Stewart

    What is with “Sour Girl” that Jeff has a thing with?

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      I’m not sure. It’s about his first wife, Jemima, but then so is Interstate, etc. Tons were for or about Mary, so I don’t get it. Jemima was a sour girl lol

      • Olga Stewart

        Ah, I see.

        And thanks for explaining that.

        • ALittleBitOfSomething

          Well, it’s not much of an explanation, but you’re welcome. Any fan of Scott’s is a friend of mine 🙂
          Still, it’s odd to pick that one when Mary was Scott’s true love, and the mother of his beloved children. (I never understood why he couldn’t stay sober for his kids. He used the same excuse my son’s dad did, “Because I know they have a great mom to watch them.” SMH.)
          Scott was with Jemima when he became famous & only married her because he couldn’t be “alone” and she’d been with him before they were famous. But Interstate Love Song was written from her POV — he was always disappearing, getting high, lying…he mentions it in his book, I think.
          Blessed be.

      • Allison Auld

        Jannina, not Jemima

        • ALittleBitOfSomething

          Thanks; typo. I called her, “Aunt Jemima” (like the syrup. She’s white but it was funny) and “crazy girl”. She was so jealous she once made Scott ride a different moving sidewalk thing at LAX so we wouldn’t share the same one (after he and I were on the same plane for 6 hours from NYC) lol and then she tried glaring daggers at me the whole time! I was with my ex girlfriend, so we just laughed.

  • Hutttrash

    Where the river goes. This is off limits in my book, unofficially retired.

    • Allison Auld

      For me, it’s “Still Remains”. That’s Scott Weiland’s song.

      • ALittleBitOfSomething

        You don’t think “Dead and Bloated”? Not for the lyrics, per se, but…I know that song would set me off crying.

        • Allison Auld

          “Dead and Bloated” is certainly a “Weiland” song but “Still Remains” has such personal lyrics and such beautiful melodies that I think of it as the quintessential Scott Weiland song and I don’t want to hear anyone else singing it. I don’t feel the same way about “D & B”.

          • ALittleBitOfSomething

            Well, he’s not bloated now but he’s definitely dead so that song gets me, personally. I guess if they took out every song we (fans) love they’d have a short set… For now. Once they get a second album with the “new guy” lol they’ll have more.

          • ALittleBitOfSomething

            I never liked Dead & Bloated anyway. It’s just that Scott is, well, dead. Or faking it beautifully… But he’d have called his dealers by now and I may be clean but I would’ve heard if he had.

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      I do like that he won’t use the megaphone. Scott wasn’t the first (or last) to use it, but I think that’s a cool, respectful move.

  • faith

    I mean…in music everything is personal…maybe there’s something more personal than others

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      Yes, but a song to Janina? I guess if they cut out songs to and about Mary, they’d have nothing to play lol

  • Michael Dolce

    The new record is so solid. Two months in still playing most of the songs daily

  • Dave Wight

    they sound great with the new singer, I like what they did with Plush. The new music sounds great.

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      I haven’t heard it, but part of me hopes they keep with the new stuff, but another part hopes they keep playing old stuff because Scott’s kids are getting close to college age and could use the money Scott’s Estate gets when they play stuff he wrote.
      It’s a shame he didn’t just put Mary in charge of the Estate until his kids are “of age”, then give each some at age 18, 21, 25, etc. That way it won’t go to paper bag Jamie.

  • Raj

    In addition to Sour Girl I would add Atlanta, Wonderful, Hello It’s Late, And So I Know these songs seem to emanate from a lot of pain.

    • dakotablue

      Like Sour Girl, I think Atlanta is also about Janina.