Tobias Forge Memorable Encounter Revealed By Ghost Fan


Musicismagiclove posted a touching story about Ghost frontman Tobias Forge being kind at a meet and greet, and how they felt ‘romantic’ when so close to him due to his good looks, but how sadly they embarrassingly ended up looking like Jabba the Hutt in the photo! He also revealed a romantic gift for his wife. Metallica recently revealed a brutal looking photo of Forge after he hurt his skin.

“First time I met him was last May I said ‘Thank you for doing this!!’ And hugged him immediately. I also just snuggled up to him for the photo and ended up looking like Jabba the Hutt! Second time I was with a friend, so I wasn’t as nervous, but still a dork. Didn’t say much because he recognized my friend from a recent show because she did the meet and greet at that one too. The third time I met him he reeled me in by taking my hand, and he remembered me from the second meet and greet because it was the same weekend. He had me all flustered because he just pulled me up close and was IN MY FACE and so romantic-like haha. I had brought gifts for him and his tour manager at the previous show, and I’m sure he liked/ remembered what I gave him. His tour manager thanked me as I was leaving too, which made my day!

Anyway, at the third one I had a special gift for him but I don’t know if he heard me too well because I didn’t talk loud enough perhaps. I tried to tell him about the present, which was a pocket handkerchief with his wife’s initial on it. I wrote a note included with it in case I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to say lol. He leaned in close in order to hear me, and the mask looks so old up close, I felt like I was telling my grandpa something hahahaa!! Then as he was leading me out of the photo op area, I stopped him a second by putting my hands on his forearms, and I think I kinda scared him a moment because I could feel his muscles tense, like he wasn’t sure what was coming next, poor guy!

I just told him ‘thank you for being kind to your fans.’ You have enough time to tell him what you want to, just make sure to speak up and try not to be nervous! 😉 He’s really nice and just so sweet too. I think he’s the most patient person I’ve ever met. When you consider how many people he meets on tour, that’s pretty amazing for him to be so nice and understanding. Personally I wouldn’t have the patience to meet so many strangers! He makes you feel welcome and treats you like a friend. I hope you have an awesome M&G experience! Share it with us afterwards, okay? I love hearing about other people’s experiences! 🙂”

A member of Metallica recently made a stunning money revelation to Tobias Forge.

Meet and Greet from r/Ghostbc