Stone Temple Pilots Feared Big Name Was Enabling Scott Weiland Drug Use


On Mark Gerlach’s podcast, former Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Doug Grean talked about how he thought Stone Temple Pilots falsely perceived him as being a drug enabler when he began working with Weiland, though they later realized he was one of the good guys and trying to steer Scott in the right direction, as he was clean and in recovery. Alternative Nation reporter William Spevack transcribed Grean’s comments.

“When I first came around, Scott brought me around, and they were really kind of like ‘who the f- is this guy’ because I was Scott’s guy and they had every right to do that cause Scott’s guys were usually heroin dealers. When Scott introduced me to them the very first time, they must have really thought I was a drug addict and an enabler. 

And it took me like a bunch of time to kind of earn their trust so that they didn’t think I was lying for the guy.  Although I did do a few lies for that guy though nothing really that bad.  Anyways, eventually we all ended up on the same side which is like ‘this guy’s driving us nuts’ and he’s also gonna die if we don’t do something or if he doesn’t do something.  That’s a crazy-making position to be in.”

Watch Doug Grean’s Starman series below.