Metallica Reveal Horrible Ghost Singer Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has posted a new photo of Ghost frontman Tobias Forge sunburned on Instagram. Kirk Hammett recently made an embarrassing money revelation to Tobias Forge.

“Thank you to Tobias and @thebandghost for letting us be part of their big Swedish homecoming show tonight here in Gothenburg! πŸ‡©πŸ‡° πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ πŸ‘» #wanna #cardinalcopia #MetInGothenburg.” commented, “Someone forgot his sunscreen πŸ”₯”

cedric69003 said, “This is a cardinal??”

Tobias Forge recently told Kirk Hammett, “For me, personally, I can’t speak for everyone, it’s like being here, doing this tour, opening up for you guys is basically two different things: it’s one – the amazingness of doing a big tour like this, being asked to do it, being able to do it, having the ability to actually put on a performance. And then as soon as like you’re geared up and on your way out to the stage, you can’t think about that anymore. You need to sort of, like, go out and entertain people. And, the one thing I’ve noticed, the bigger we get even on our own, there is some sort of breaking point when you’re playing clubs of a certain size and you’ve grown into bigger venues, eventually you end up, hopefully, in arenas.

When you’re playing in front of a lot of people, even though it’s your draw, there’s gonna be a lot of people in the room that aren’t a hundred percent aware of everything that you do the same way that you would have if you just played in front of 300 most die-hard hardcore fans. Not saying that you don’t have to entertain those 300 people if you only have them in front of you, but when you have a thousand, two thousand or more, you need to make sure that everyone, even up there, you reach out to them. And even on a headline date, you can definitely have a bad day when you fail at grabbing everyone and entertaining them.

That connection, because there’s always gonna be someone next to the fan who was like maybe heard a song on the radio, might like it okay, but is not a die-hard fan, and my job is to make everyone feel like they leave as a fan. Opening up for a bigger band where you have a lot of people coming in where there’s a lot of people who are not necessarily there for anything but the fact that it’s a big spectacle in town, I need to reach out to that person.”

Tobias Forge recently made a heartbreaking Metallica claim.