Tom Morello Reveals ‘Insane’ Chris Cornell Story: ‘Neighbors Called The Cops’


Tom Morello described his ‘insane’ first video shoot with Chris Cornell and Audioslave in the liner notes for the new Chris Cornell career retrospective album, and how the cops were called as neighbors believed the video shoot was a terrorist attack.

“And so Audioslave was born. Songs came quickly. The riffs were huge but the music had nuances and melodic twists and turns not found in our previous bands. We went in the studio with Rick Rubin and suspected we had something very special.

The first single was ‘Cochise,’ a relentless barnburner that announced in no uncertain terms our arrival. Chris’ voice was feral. The video was insane. The entire performance, lit only by fireworks, was shot high atop a trestle platform in the San Fernando Valley. Neighbors called the cops suspecting a terrorist attack. Fans suspected we were back with a vengeance.”

Audioslave released their self-titled debut album in November 2002, with “Cochise” as the lead single. The band toured in 2003 following Chris Cornell’s release from rehab. “Show Me How To Live” and “Like a Stone” were other hit singles from the album that featured videos. Audioslave released two more albums before splitting up in early 2007. They later reunited for a one off performance in 2017 before Chris Cornell’s death.

  • Ryan

    Isn’t this story about 15 years old?!
    Brett: I want news!
    Friend: current news yeah?
    Brett: well….I have no shame so whatever really

  • mikesmaddie

    That long note that Chris sings near the end of “Cochise” always makes me shudder.

    But in a good way.

    Damn but I miss him.

  • Stone Gossardish

    The original demo of Cochise sounded even better

    • mikesmaddie

      Do you know where this can be found?

      • Stone Gossardish

        I do not. The biggest difference is that the backing vocal on “take it out on me,” is not there. I got it from wherever on the internet when it first leaked, a ways before the Audioslave original record came out.

        • mikesmaddie

          Ah, I see.

          And thanks for letting me know.