Tom Petty Family Reveals Lesbian Kiss Photo


Tom Petty‘s daughter Annakim Violette Petty revealed a new photo of a lesbian kiss on her Instagram page. She also posted, “Can you tell me how you found strength over your addiction? How you found people that love and value your health? How can we treat addicts without judgement?” Tom Petty’s family revealed a terrifying drug photo last week.

Courtney Love commented, “Well , some sort of etheric mystic miracle. Also , not listening to lawyer – accountant fear language so huge in show biz and online.. literally complete refusal to participate in English language. !! I speak scarlet gold from Pomeranian Stratocaster.. plus a smattering of candyfloss Sanskrit!! It’s all about love..”

Steven Tyler revealed horrible Tom Petty disrespect last month. rose_in_the_park chimed in, “October 20 will be one year that I took myself off prescription painkillers. I went through hell and have PAWS now. I was on them for 22 years so my brain is having a hard time connecting. 3 months I couldn’t do anything and my husband said, “I want my wife back”! I never abused my prescriptions but my body was so addicted.

I have a heart for street addicts because life is so hard. I have a totally different perspective of addiction. But, we also have to have tough love if it’s someone we know. They need love and support but also restrictions and boundaries for ourselves. When I was going through withdrawals one thing that helped was concerts on tv. I watched your dad’s concert and other music that gave me a short happiness anyway! Prayers for these people.”

Petty responded, “Dad’s bday.” Howard Stern called out brutal Tom Petty rejection last month.