Perry Farrell Reacts To Jane’s Addiction Breakup Rumors


Perry Farrell recently reacted to a Zergnet story claiming Jane’s Addiction has broken up.

“I love it Juan, Must admit I do click on Zergnet every so often- but i’m never able to get to the story. Seems like it’s an advert pit?? They could obviously care less about anyone, or anything.. And Dave and I work so hard to be fit! (By the way, Jane’s is still together- so?.)”

Farrell described forming Jane’s Addiction in a new Billboard interview, “I had a band prior to Eric working with me called Psi Com. We were just an underground group out of L.A., probably [starting in] 1982. We’d gotten to the point where we actually put our own record out, and I got to learn about the music industry via the independent distribution routes. I would drop records around town — I pressed like 500 records. And it was fun. It was a cool time in L.A., because it was deep with punk rock, against the establishment. Psi Com was very dark. We listened to a lot of goth music, specifically Joy Division.

The band started to dissolve, specifically because they were into the Bhagavad Gita, and everybody was studying the Bhagavad Gita. I even studied it, but I was studying everything. I was studying Aleister Crowley. I was studying The Book of Mormon. I was just basically doing a comparative religious study. But those guys were taking Hinduism very seriously, which is fine, but they were starting to not be into girls and not be into the partying. Before Psi Com broke up, I met Eric and just said, ‘Man, try out for Psi Com.’ I brought in Eric, and I was having a good time just playing shows with Eric.”

View Farrell’s new tweet below.