Steven Tyler Reveals Horrible Tom Petty Disrespect


Steven Tyler had his interview with Howard Stern from 2016 air on a summer vacation episode a couple of weeks ago, and the Aerosmith frontman discussed struggling to get in touch with Tom Petty just a year before he died from drug addiction, and how Petty essentially insulted him by refusing to take his calls. Steven Tyler revealed an Aerosmith quitting claim after being confronted by bandmates. recapped: Steven said he gives a shout out to Tom Petty in his single. He said he has a show called Tom Petty Buried Treasure. He said he has been trying to get a hold of him to do the show. He said everything he plays is everything he ever heard. He said he listens to it and cries. He said the music he plays is stuff he hasn’t heard in 40 years. He said he’s tried to get him on the phone but he won’t take his fucking call. Howard Stern called out brutal Tom Petty rejection recently.

Howard played some of the new single that Steven has out called Red, White & You. They spent a little time listening to the song. Howard asked how long it takes to write. Steven said maybe 8 or 9 hours. He said he had a bunch of people working with him on the song.

Tom Petty died on October 2, 2017 from a drug overdose of fentanyl, oxycodone, acetylfentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl (all opioids); temazepam and alprazolam (both sedatives); and citalopram (an antidepressant). Steven Tyler is still touring with Aerosmith, and the band also have ‘Deuces Are Wild’ shows scheduled in Las Vegas. Steven Tyler revealed what he smokes with his girlfriend recently.

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