Steven Tyler ‘Collapses’ Onstage At Aerosmith Show


Video editor and Aerosmith superfan Vic Berger IV recently took to Twitter to share this Steven Tyler video for the blooper reels. During a recent concert, the Aerosmith frontman took quite the stumble, falling off the stage. Thankfully Tyler wasn’t hurt but he must have been cryin‘ after that fall. You can view it below. Steven Tyler ‘cancels’ performance after tragic news.

In other news regarding Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, fans recently took to the music subreddit to discuss and debate what is the best Aerosmith album of all time. Southsamurai wrote: “It’s sort of strange really. I’m not a big Aerosmith fan at all. I take them a song at a time because so many of their songs are just meh, particularly after the eighties where everything was done by formula. But their albums are really solid if listened to as a whole. I can’t say they’ve put out a bad album. They structure their albums so that if you listen to them front to back, it’s a damn good experience. They’re one of those bands I can just put their stuff on and let it go through the whole discography without feeling the need to skip tracks, and there aren’t many bands I can say that about, including bands I like a lot more.”

Aerosmith drummer ‘angry’ Steven Tyler phone calls leaks. The user continued: “But if I had to pick albums that work the best, ignoring individual songs on them, Aerosmith (their first), Toys, Permanent Vacation, Pump, Done With Mirrors, and Get a Grip would probably be the shortlist.I haven’t given music from another dimension a listen yet though. But like I said, everything from Pump on is pretty much a formula, which they admit to and view as a positive. I tend not to like formulaic bands, but they’re an exception to that. Their formula works well and lets them put out music that has a distinct feel to it over decades but leaves room for individual songs to shine here and there.”

Joey Kramer’s ‘skinny’ photo stunned Aerosmith fans last month. The fan concluded: “Personally, despite the pop overload they got into from pump to bobo, that’s probably my favorite era of theirs. The music may have been written specifically to sell, but most of their best songs are from that span.”