Tommy Lee Reveals Awful Motley Crue ‘The Dirt’ Paycheck


Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee reacted to criticism over expressing his political belief in a new tweet, where he revealed during the band’s early days the band were only paid $25 per week. A Motley Crue member announced his former bandmate died yesterday. Lee has been very vocal in his criticism of President Donald Trump since the shooting in El Paso, Texas over the weekend.

One fan wrote in support of Lee, “🙌 Why do people think artists and entertainers lose their right to care about their country as soon as they achieve fame?!? It’s so Fucking bizarre. We should be thanking anyone who utilizes their broad platform to create meaningful dialogue and incite change!”

Another ripped him, writing, “Because they don’t know what it feels like living paycheck to paycheck; live in gated communities separate from the crime and ugliness and dirtiness on the street; eat extravagantly while others put back a steak so as not to go over at checkout line. THEY’RE OUT OF TOUCH!”

Lee responded, “You must not have read The Dirt, I lived in a 4×4 apartment with 3 other dudes and cockroaches everywhere. We made $25/ week. Don’t tell me I’m out of touch.” A Motley Crue icon was stunned over the weekend by a tragedy that Blink-182 got caught up in.

Lee also tweeted, “dude!! @realDonaldTrump one minute you blame mental illness for the mass shootings then the next it’s video games?! WTF is wrong with you!?!💤 WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!”