Van Halen Icon Paid A-List Star Big Money Before Death


Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth revealed in a new interview on ‘Lipps Service’ with Scott Lipps that he paid $1,000 to see Frank Sinatra live before he died. A former Van Halen member released a powerful video after tragic news a few days ago.

Scott Lipps asked, “You have this new single, ‘Jump’ out. How did it come about?”

Roth responded, “Jump is timeless. ‘Jump’ goes on beyond the genre. It transcends even a style of music much like myself did. You know this man really musically? No. Did you really want to see him live? Of course!

How many were Sinatra records did I buy before he passed away? It was in Vegas, somebody said you want Sinatra at $1.000 ticket. Oh, you bet! You bet! So I had not bought any Sinatra records. It goes well beyond the music. Becomes an experience, becomes a show.”

He also said, “Something that I can share with moms and dads and cousins and brothers and sisters and wives and husbands who have a very serious concern about that (boxing) you’ve got to have a heart. You have got to please continue, that’s part of boxing. In the martial arts. We have something that was developed over thousands of years well beyond the Marquis of Queensberry bare-knuckles kind of days. Because I love that.

It’s its sport it’s an art form it is something that is particular to itself and I’ll always love it I’m old enough now. Yeah! To remember listening to the Ali – Sonny Liston fight with my dad way back the first one when he was still Cassius Clay and he was imitating wrestlers.”

A former Van Halen member revealed a photo from after his firing last week. MetalheadZone transcribed Roth’s comments.