Tool Add Second Guitarist In New Video


Tool just know how to get their fans ready. The band recently started off some shows and they are pulling out the stops left and right with just how talented they are. In a recent video taken by a fan, the band are seen playing the 2019 song, ‘Culling Voices’. What’s so different about this take on the song rather than the other times they have played it is that there is a new rhythm guitarist on board for this.

The rhythm guitarist may surprise some as he is already very well known for his other skills. The person we are discussing is none other than Danny Carey who joined the band for a sit down performance of the song that turned into a full blown performance. The song was put up on YouTube as fans rejoiced and spoke about not only how good the band was sounding, but about how great Danny is at the guitar.

Reddit caught wind of Danny on the guitar and went wild. One fan on Reddit stated: “Yeah, all of them were seated on chairs with Adam on the left, Maynard to his right, Danny, to Maynard’s right, and then Justin on the other end. Danny began the song by playing what looked to be a 6 string guitar (from my perspective) and then transitioned back to his drums. Maynard referred to it as Culling Voices’ “maiden voyage”. It was an incredible performance and an amazing show all together.”

The user added: “It was also great to be able to celebrate Adam’s birthday him.”

On YouTube, fans who saw the video said: “So cool to see Danny play the guitar for the intro! I love the fact that the band members are multifaceted with skill and knowledge of playing different instruments. I hope we’ll see more Culling Voices live this upcoming tour!”

Another user had this to say: “Not sure what i like most about this. Danny playing the guitar, the way they’re just sitting down together, how surprised I am to see them play this live, or the enjoyment I’m getting out of watching this. I can’t wait to see em do this myself.”

Fans are excited to see what’s next for the band as Tool always keep it interesting for everyone that attends their shows and this right here is no exception at all to that rule. We will continue to watch the fan videos that are put up to see what the band pulls next.