Tool Collaborating With Guns N’ Roses Member On New Album


Guns N’ Roses member Chris Pitman is working with Tool on their highly anticipated new album. Pitman tweeted a photo over the weekend with the caption, “Studio nite, tracking, #dannycarey #beatrazr #kentbrisley #toolband.”

Pitman played guitars/electronics/lead vocals in ZAUM with Danny Carey of Tool, and toured with Tool in the past. In 1996, he played synths on the song “Third Eye.” He contributed sound effects and sound mixing to the band Failure, who A Perfect Circle covered on 13th Step when they did “Nurse Who Loved Me.” Pitman also played in the band Replicants with Paul D’Amour, after Paul left Tool.

Pitman also played with Danny Carey, Paul D’amour, Gregg Edwards (Failure) and Brad Laner (Medicine) in the one-off experimental alternative band Lusk, who released one album in 1997, Free Mars, and then never did anything else together again.

A few days ago, keyboardist Chris Pitman, who is still officially a Guns N’ Roses member, hinted at leaving the band on Facebook:

“this is a nostalgia tour, please dont mention those who are there the last 20 fkg years.,,, oh god no! …(a money grab) FU”

Pitman tweeted last night: “I sincerely apologize to GNR,especially the band and crew,for stupid comments about upcoming tour, ..remember kids, dont drink n text!”

Wall Street Journal reporter Neil Shah is reporting that sources have told him that a new Izzy Stradlin Twitter account is indeed the legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist. He tweeted, “Two sources tell me that @IzzyStradlin999 is real.” Further confirmation appears to have come just minutes ago, with Stradlin tweeting a new video of himself playing guitar, and also tweeting Alternative Nation.

The first tweet from the @IzzyStradlin999 account on February 22nd read:

“Izzy Stradlin fact.. At this point in time , I`ve no involvement in the upcoming April 2016 GNR shows.”

Watch the video Stradlin just tweeted of himself performing “Sunshine” by Jonathan Edwards below.

Stradlin has also tweeted Alternative Nation.

  • Felonious Punk

    Pittman also played with Danny Carey, Paul D’amour, Gregg Edwards (Failure) and Brad Laner (Medicine) in the excellent one-off experimental alternative band Lusk, who released one amazing album in 1997 (Free Mars) and then never did anything else together again. Well worth checking out if you’re into obscure 90s music made by the lesser-known guys from Failure and Tool.

    • Alternative Nation

      Edited in!

      • Felonious Punk

        Oh shit…I wasn’t trying to correct your article or anything. I just wanted to turn some of the more open-minded people here on to that Lusk album.

        But sweet, thanks for including it. Free Mars is a forgotten gem!

    • Rizz

      Thanks for the tip.

    • Chris Ross

      I downloaded this album a while ago and tried to get into it…I found it difficult though. Maybe I need to give it another go with much more focus and attention.

      • Felonious Punk

        It’s not for everyone, I’ll give it that. Like I told John Smith, I grew into it probably because of the stuff I was on in those days. It’s definitely an album that rewards repeated listening though..

        • Chris Ross

          I usually feel that whenever someone says that an album rewards repeated listens, i’ts usually the case. I’ll take this into consideration, maybe throw it on during my commute home. Good looking out!

    • John Smith

      It’s hilarious hearing Greg do vocals on the song doctor, he’s really improved at singing quite a bit since then.

      • Felonious Punk

        I did lots of mind-altering narcotics to this album in the past. I have a special attachment to it, lol

        • John Smith

          The album certainly can be a mind fuck.

          • Felonious Punk

            I find it to be a pleasant one though. It’s not dark and abrasive; it’s just odd and weird in a good way. Lots of tunefulness when you spend enough time with it and get to know the songs. I haven’t listened to it in awhile but now I’m inspired to do so again..

  • HarrySeaward

    Pretty sure his post is referring to the new Beatrazr album, which Danny Carey is part of. Probably has nothing to do with Tool.

  • Geoff Eisenstat

    Pitman is not a GNR member. 20, 30 years…. whatever.

    Just a hired musician.

    Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff, Steve and (we will allow) Matt are GNR.