Robert Plant Horrible ‘Weight Loss’ Photo Revealed


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant appears to have lost some weight early on in 2020, with a new photo of the iconic singer shopping for clothes in Nashville wearing a tight black t-shirt surfacing. Bassist Shane Rickerson wrote, “Good running into an old buddy today @robertplantofficial.” Robert Plant discussed Led Zeppelin ‘drunk driving’ a couple of weeks ago.

Robert Plant recently revealed that he can no longer ‘relate’ to “Stairway to Heaven,” leading to some fans to be saddened on the official Led Zeppelin forums.

Tremelo posted, “I guess Robert finds Stairway to be an albatross. Anything he does is in it’s shadow. I think it was the same for Pete after Tommy. Michael Stipe after Murmur. You hit your high and of course people will never let you forget and move on. All of these musicians had their albatross when they were relatively young/fairly early in their respective careers. (Stipe, first album out of the gate).”

Andrew R said, “Like every other interview he does he only raises Zeppelin to highlight some other project he is working on. On this occasion it’s the singles box set. His comments referencing Stairway are no surprise and are there to guarantee a headline or strap for the article in this case ‘Plant will never perform Stairway again because he can’t relate to it.’ This is his only interest in his part of the Zeppelin legacy sadly.”

JohnHenryBonham chimed in, “Bittersweet… it makes me sad to think Robert has come to that point in his life where he can no longer relate to those words in the same way as when he was younger, but also happy with how much he welcomes it and doesn’t let it define him as a musician.” Robert Plant recently discussed a big name Led Zeppelin replacement.