Watch Eddie Vedder Cover Tom Petty At Oscars To Honor Deceased Legends


Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed at the Oscars on Sunday night during the In Memoriam segment. He performed Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top.” Watch video below!

Rolling Stone reports that the Pearl Jam frontman stripped back the 1999 single to a soft croon, strummed electric guitar and swirling keyboard strings. “I got a room at the top of the world tonight/ I can see everything tonight,” he sang in his trademark quivering tone. “I got a room where everyone/ Can have a drink and forget those things that went wrong in their life.”

As always, the “In Memoriam” segment paid tribute to Hollywood giants who died in the past year – including Harry Dean Stanton, Jonathan Demme, John Heard, Martin Landau, Glenne Headly, Roger Moore, Sam Shepard, George A. Romero, Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis.

SPIN have up a throwback article by former Saturday Night Live writer Tom Davis.

I knew it was happening but it really didn’t strike me until my young Saturday Night Live cohort, Adam Sandler, handed me a wrinkled piece of notebook paper with penciled, handprinted scrawl on it.

“What’s this, Adam?”

“It’s a letter to you from Eddie Vedder. He’s the lead singer from Pearl Jam. I saw him a couple weeks ago and he asked me to give this to you. He likes you.”


“Eddie Vedder. He talked to you in studio 8H when they did the show last spring.”


Below is the note:

Tom Davis–

This is Eddie Vedder. I sing in a band that was on your show. Don’t know if you recall … I do. In a hallway I mentioned white Adidas with green stripes. You mentioned buying seven pairs … 12 pairs … how many? I was questioning how had they remained in such good shape?

I remember these shoes … think I mentioned how dear Dad wore white shoes, those same ones, thusly I would wear them too. On my back. Why do we always remember that shit? I dunno … Why am I retelling this to you? Again … I dunno … And you were dry shaving with a Bic … constant and consistent … like a Martin Scorsese school film I once saw … I see a lot of stuff … remember one-half of that … And I can play that small moment in the hallway … stop it … rewind … strange … that’s why I write this I guess.

Bye. See you around, Eddie.

  • Olga Stewart

    His tribute performance was beautiful. :).

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  • Stone Gossardish

    It’s disappointing that he played a cover and not one of his songs. Petty wouldn’t have covered Eddie had he died.

    This stings a bit as a Pear Jam fan but the Oscar’s meant well and it was overall a nice thing. But it’s not like he went out and did one of his songs.

    • makingconnections

      I think it was completely appropriate considering it was an “In Memoriam” performance and Tom Petty was lost to us this year, along with the clips of all the movie industry people they were honouring. I thought it was well done in every way.

      • Stone Gossardish

        It was well done but it would’ve been better as a Pearl Jam event playing one of their songs.

        One of the biggest diffs between EV and many of his so called peers is that he will do many things if asked, such as come out to cover a Petty tune for this segment of the show, even though he was so wrongfully denied an Oscar fro ITW, which is one of the top 5 or 10 soundtracks in the history of the film.

        • makingconnections

          I get where you’re coming from. I’m understanding more and more as I talk to people on here that real fan’s feelings go very deep on many issues and our issues are different one from the other.

          • Stone Gossardish

            That’s fair to say. At a time when it feels like the band itself is hanging by a thread, if not done making music together, it’s difficult to see Eddie on a stage alone doing that.

            We don’t know if the band was asked, since Mike got a 12 string Ricky from TP, which would’ve been nice to see playing that song, or if they just asked Ed to play. Did they just ask him to play this song or was it his idea?

            It’s a bit of a raw time for long time fans of the band becuase it looks a lot like they’ve thrown in the towel on making more songs and and content just to tour and make money. Don’t get me wrong, that’s fine if that’s the remainder of their career but I don’t know that they’ve made their best album yet, still.

            Nothing wrong with Ed doing that but to me it would’ve been much better as a band thing or Ed doing one of Ed’s song, telling the bs academy that stiffed him ridiculously that “I’d be glad to play X or Y, otherwise this is not for me,” for once.

      • Stone Gossardish

        That’s a very reasonable take as well.

    • Olga Stewart

      He may not have had a choice as to what sort of song he could do.

      In fact, he may not have been allowed to play one of Pearl Jam’s songs.

      I could be wrong about this, though.

      • Stone Gossardish

        I am with you. He didn’t produce the show and it’s highly unlikely they would’ve given him a choice. It’s more likely someone approached him and said we need someone to cover this song and if you don’t want to we have others that will but we wanted you first.

    • Olga Stewart

      I’ve read that some people were wondering why he didn’t cover one of Chris’s songs.

      Well, given how Eddie felt about Chris, I don’t know if he would have been able to make it through the song?

      I remember how he could barely end the song “Black” during one of his European tour dates last year.

      And that was one of Pearl Jam’s songs.

      • Stone Gossardish

        That’s probably an accurate projection. There were plenty of Vedder songs he could’ve chosen, not even Pearl Jam ones. I get that he might have cringed about Man of the Hour, but sometimes when people say “man” they mean all of mankind, which includes male and females.

  • Lucky Neko


  • Stone Gossardish

    Many are wondering if Petty gave Ed that guitar. I’m not sure. He gave one to Mike McCready. We’ve seen that ricky used on Around the Bend and other songs but I don’t remember seeing in in the Bolt Tours. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t out though.

  • PJ Wyman

    Eddie you rock like always! Gonna miss Petty for days. I sat above Missoula, MT
    (At the “M” of course ) one evening after my son was born jam’n out to this tune.