Paul McCartney Makes ‘The End’ Announcement


Paul McCartney recently took to social media via Twitter on how he is ‘ending the decade’. The iconic co-founder of the Beatles stated on Twitter: “Paul’s ending the decade in style! Read the latest newsletter HERE.”

This Paul McCartney sad ‘homeless’ video was recently revealed. By reading McCartney’s newsletter, which is property of Universal music you can read all about his upcoming European tour dates, newly released singles including ‘Home Tonight’ and ‘In A Hurry’ and a wonderful look into the life of the man called Macca. You can sign up by clicking HERE.

McCartney left this massive tip at a restaurant the other day. In other news regarding Paul McCartney fans of the legendary bassist recently took to social media to reflect on the legacy of McCartney’s highly acclaimed self-titled solo album, ‘McCartney’. One fan noted: ” Facing his final reality that the Beatles are a dead entity, Paul deliberately scales down from the lofty cliffs he achieved with his ex-bandmates and plays all the instruments himself. “The Lovely Linda”, with its squeaky door alert and his giggling at the end, announces an organic music from one man’s hand to his mouth. He’s now just looking to be heard as human and with as much verbal simplicity as that implies. Some of these songs are merely ideas in flux. There are five instrumentals and three of them go nowhere. But the Ventures-styled “Momma Miss America” and “Singalong Junk” are quite fun and they add to the record’s homespun appeal.”

Paul McCartney ‘angers’ Michael Jackson in studio photo. The reviewer also said: “In most of the vocal pieces, Paul’s melodies are pretty generous and three of them are certainly served at Beatles level. “Junk”, which he resurrected from the White Album era, has an engaging wit in its lyrics. “Every Night” emphasizes the clarity and warmth in his acoustic guitar playing and in his singing. Not least, there’s the eternal ode to Linda, “Maybe I’m Amazed”. It’s Paul’s idealistic and realistic view of her. Just like on his lost Beatles classic, “I’m Down”, Paul’s voice becomes unhinged in all the right places. His one-man-band playing here is sheer perfection. The album itself won’t be mistaken for major work, but it succeeds in appreciating the freer things in life. Wife Linda is a natural with the camera and her pictures enhance the music’s feel. The sound of this 2011 remaster is the best I’ve heard “McCartney” since my vinyl copy way, way back.”