Van Halen Icon Reveals If He Cheated On Wife


Van Halen icon, Sammy Hagar was interviewed on a new edition of Lance Armstrong’s show, The Forward Podcast. Here, the former Van Halen frontman discussed why he could never cheat on his wife. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar and Armstrong’s comments. David Lee Roth recently revealed that he paid a big name $1,000 before his death to see him.

Armstrong: Nobody’s ever talked about doing bumps, nobodies ever said the word t***ies, nobodies ever said the word b***job.

Hagar: I don’t believe it!

Armstrong: You’re probably right.

Hagar: Maybe the visuals are a bit stronger than normal. Nah man, I love having a good time but I’m not a guy that doesn’t totally do anything. I still do crazy shit. Not crazy shit to get in trouble with but I like to have fun.

Armstrong: You’re the red rocker, you gotta!

Hagar: I’m still about healthy enough to pull about anything off so I’m just gonna go ahead – but I don’t cheat on my wife, and that’s no bullshit. I don’t cheat on my wife.

Armstrong: Well, I’ve seen your wife so…

Hagar: Exactly!

Armstrong: When I see you right now, and I see her – I  wouldn’t cheat on that.

Hagar: I’m not. I go as Paul Newman once said: “Why eat hamburger when you got steak at home?” I really feel that way. If I didn’t have a great s**ual relationship with my wife, I’d probably be going elsewhere, but I think it’s really important for any relationship and a lot of people are down on s*x. S*x is a great, great, thing. It’s one of the gifts of God and what more pleasure can you have on this planet, you know? To have a good s**ual relationship, you’ll have a good marriage. If you don’t have a good s**ual relationship, with separate bedrooms and all that shit – dude somebody is gonna be ***ing somebody else and that’s all that there is to it.

Armstrong: Yeah because your ship is passing in the night.

Hagar: I’m a big fan of a good s**ual relationship. If it ain’t happening in the bedroom, to me it ain’t happening. If it’s happening in it the bedroom and everything is good? Then I’m pretty happy!

Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang was recently angered by a ‘deeply disturbing’ claim.