Watch First Performance From Guns N’ Roses Reunion Film


Professionally shot footage from Guns N’ Roses’ April 1, 2016 Troubadour concert was recently uploaded to YouTube. There has been speculation that Guns N’ Roses will release a DVD/blu ray for the ‘Not In This Lifetime’ tour, especially with concerts at Dodger Stadium also being professionally filmed. Watch “Sweet Child O’ Mine” from the Troubadour below!

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba was recently interviewed by Ireland’s Overdrive and discussed Guns N’ Roses.

Overdrive: Looking back over the past few years with your commitment to Guns N’ Roses and Nikki’s [Sixx] with Motley Crue, it must have been very stressful to commit to Sixx:A.M. amidst the demands of touring and promo stuff, to mention your own personal life. Did it feel like a tremendous weight had been lifted off your shoulders when you finally departed from Guns N’ Roses?

Ashba: It really does feel like a humongous weight has been lifted off my shoulders, for sure. That was as huge responsibility for me being in Guns N’ Roses, and, to be honest, I didn’t really know just how big that weight was going to be. I learned a lot from my time with GNR and am very grateful for it all. I experienced something for six whole years that money can’t buy and I was able to take away a huge amount of self-growth and an insight into the workings of a huge band like that. I didn’t for one moment, anticipate that along with such a great gig, was going to be so much criticism, as well as a lot of praising and a lot of everything! The whole experience really made me grow thick skin real quick [laughs] and be aware of my surroundings. Looking back on that whole experience, I took away so much, to which I apply to my everyday life, as well as my role in Sixx:A.M. I feel that it’s overall made me a better business person and I’m very grateful for it.

Overdrive: In keeping with Guns N’ Roses, have you seen any of the “reunited” live shows recently?

Ashba: No, I have not. I would love to see that show. I could not be happy for them that Slash and Duff [McKagan] are back with Axl [Rose]. I would actually love to see the whole original lineup back on stage together and that’s the fanboy in me talking. [Laughs] But as the band they are now, I guess we’ll take what we can get for now. I’m extremely happy about the fact that those guys have sorted out their differences and can give the fans a chance to witness that chemistry that we all know so well from the early days.

Overdrive: If you got the call to jump back into Guns N’ Roses, or even to fill in for Izzy [Stradlin] for a couple of shows, would you do it?

Ashba: To be honest, I think they are doing great without me, and really, I don’t see myself going back to Guns N’ Roses ever again. Those days are over for me. I’m having a blast doing what I’m doing with Sixx:A.M. and couldn’t be happier with the way things have panned out for me. My heart is totally committed to all things Sixx:A.M. right now and I’m very excited about the prospect of touring and writing more music with Nikki and James [Michael].

  • Corndog

    Oh dear. Well that’s unfortunate…

    He got better though right? I haven’t listened to any of the recent Guns stuff, but i really hope for the sake of the folks that paid ridiculous ticket prices that he did. Christ, and i thought your uncle Eddie had fucked up his voice. Suddenly, doesn’t seem so bad!

    • IrregularJohn

      Axl had a lot more range though, which is why his voice being in this sorry state is a bigger disappointment than what happened with Eddie’s voice.

      I too hope that this song does not represent his current vocal ability. Besides the desicion to release their first semi-reunion show in a pro-format also seems questionable. With Axl there’s this trend of his voice getting better further into the tour. So maybe release some of the stuff where he had more practice and stretched his vocal cords more?

      • Corndog

        I would agree that on a purely technical level, when both were at the top of their game Axl was a better singer, but no singer ever did it for me more than your uncle Eddie. It’s more than just how good then are technically, or how many octaves they can cover. It’s all about emotional resonance.

        No other singer has ever been able to elevate or crush me with a word the same way that Eddie Vedder can, and as far as i am concerned, with me it it usually more a matter of how a singer makes me feel when they sing rather than their actually ability, if we look at their voice as an instrument. I don’t know exactly what to call the particular that Eddie’s voice has that makes it so amazing to me, but whatever it is called, he definitely has it:) I don’t get that from Axl at all. Do you know what i mean?

        After listening to this song, i went on Youtube and listened to a few more recent performances and although they did sound better, he still wasn’t great doing this track. In fairness to him though, some of the other songs sounded fine. He just seems to have an issue with this one for some reason.

        • IrregularJohn

          I agree, Corndog. Of the top of my head, very few singers can reach the level of emotion that’s pouring out of a person in a song that Eddie managed to in “Black”, especially that version that’s on “rearviewmirror” compilation. That dude was crying his heart out in a song. Jeff Buckley is another one that comes to mind, his rendition of Leonard Cohen’s (RIP) Hallellujah is a piece of art.

          Getting back to Axl – I had a love-hate relationship with his voice. Back when I was a teenager my best friend was a huge GNR fan while I was rocking out to Bon Jovi, yeah I know what you’re thinking. And up until 3-4 years ago I still considered Axl’s voice sounding like gonorrhea, in the sense that it sounded dirty, almost nasty to some extent. And I like about 5-6 songs from their entire catalog, you know all the hits, Paradice City, Sweet Child, Jungle and Illusion ballads (Don’t Cry, Knocking and Estranged; never was a fan November Rain – even in my teenage years it sounded bloated, corny and too over-the-top).

          But after repeated playthroughs of Appetite I came to love it, even distinguish the songs that back then sounded samey apart from those 3 songs I mentioned.

          To me Axl is one same level with 90s Cornell – huge range, those high notes. On Appetite he even sounded like 2-3 different singers. But that emotional aspect, I agree there are very few singers that come close to Eddie in his heyday, Buckley and a handful of others.

          • Corndog

            Yes I pretty much agree with all of that:)

            Axl had great range in his day. I have always enjoyed his voice, I’m just not touched by it in the same way I would be by Eddie.

      • rustyspoons

        It definitely does not represent his current state at all. Watch any of the many bootleg shows on Youtube and he clearly sounds very good 80% of the time. But he’s always struggled live, even back in their heyday. It’s just not an easy vocal style to do consistently; very demanding. Rasp easily damages the vocal chords.

        And I would say there’s more of an arc to his vocal performance through a tour. He was rough in 1991, excellent in 92, and wearing out by 93. Same with the NuGNR tours. And unfortunately, they seem to choose lousy shows for their DVDs. Tokyo 92 was far from their best show that year, and the Vegas 2014 show was the end of a four year long tour where his voice was totally shot.

        Thankfully, the bits we have seen of the Troubadour gig sound great (except Sweet Child).

        • IrregularJohn

          That’s what’s killing me – fans don’t have access to official pro-recorded shows from the original lineup. We have Live at the Ritz, but it’s not the best representation either and it’s not official.

  • Corndog

    I thought that Slash sounded a little rough in that video too. Were they shit faced or something?

  • Juan Antonio Velez

    This is a bad video to release axl sounds great on this tour with the excepting of this song and paradise city not sure why bit that’s howhat it’s been all year