Gene Simmons ‘Skinny’ Bedroom Partner Revealed


KISS icon Gene Simmons recently posted a photo of himself in bed with his skinny dog, who is loyally keeping him company after what appears to be a successful medical procedure over the weekend that led to a KISS show being canceled. Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons recently posted a Brad Pitt video.

Simmons wrote, “My constant companion..and guard dog. All 1 and 1/2 pounds of her.”

KISS fans recently debated on if the current highly acclaimed ‘End of the Road’ tour lineup is better than the original.

rocksteady77 asked, “I love every single line-up of the band. Current line-up included and I LOVE MONSTER (aside from the production). Being honest though, IMO NO lineup can compare to the Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace. Does anyone disagree? Love to here why/if you do!”

A Gene Simmons daughter proposal was revealed a few days ago. battra posted on KISSfaq, “When I think about this, personalities and my biases come into play…But when it comes to my favorite? Of course it’s the original line up. Alive! is one of the greatest pieces of wax ever unleashed into the world…and that was those four guys.

Australia 80 was amazing…so that lineup is worth mentioning right? Well…no because there’s what…ONE song that Ace and Eric are on in the studio? The Carr/Kulick line up was amazing in the Detroit 90 show as well…I mean…that’s my favorite singular Kiss concert…but they only play four songs from that lineup…

The Singer/Kulick lineup had a better recording history than the Kulick/Carr lineup to me. It all comes down to the songs and the OGs dropped better tunes than the rest of them.” Paul Stanley recently made a tragic announcement.