10 Reasons Pearl Jam Need To Be In Rock Hall of Fame


With 25 years since their debut album Ten was released, Pearl Jam are now for the first time eligible and nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Here are 10 reasons why they belong there, and you need to vote for them.

pearljamten1. TEN

One of the strongest debut albums ever made, and still a classic. For its 25th anniversary in August we listed 25 reasons why.

pearljamdeepcuts-326x1592. INSTANT BREAKTHROUGH

Because of Ten, Pearl Jam was a success right from the start. Bands such as Soundgarden and Nirvana paved the way for grunge, then Pearl Jam kicked the door wide open and have made sure it stays open ever since.

eddievedderdanapoint3. EDDIE VEDDER

This charismatic frontman has owned every stage he has ever been on. Even back when he hardly dared to look up from his microphone he mesmerized the crowd with his powerful and unique voice, and still does so today when he is a lot more extrovert and crowd-pleasing, in a genuine and honest way. And his voice is still intact, if not better.

pearlajmfans4. LOYAL FANBASE

Fans stay with Pearl Jam, and they are rewarded. Through Ten Club fans can get hold of exclusive rare recordings, vaults and bootlegs, besides the usual band merchandise.


At every single live show, Pearl Jam give everything they have. All energy the band members can muster goes into delivering the best show ever – every time. With varied set lists no one knows what to expect, only that it will be a show to always remember. There are many fans who travel around to see several shows on each tour.

vitalogyfoundation6. CHARITY

With the Vitalogy Foundation formed by Pearl Jam members and manager, the rockers from Seattle show that they aren’t just in the music business to make money. Gains from their non-profit organization go to various project ”in the fields of community health, the environment, arts & education and social change”, according to their own website.

pearljam2015october7. QUALITY

Throughout their whole career Pearl Jam have delivered albums that are well received by fans and critics. Many band have that one or two albums that even loyal fans rather not speak about, but that’s not the case with Pearl Jam.

nocodedc8. VARIATION

While always maintaining musical quality, there is a lot of difference between the albums. Not everything is grunge anymore, which shows they have great talent in other genres as well.



25 years later, Pearl Jam songs are still played on radio stations around the world, both mainstream and alternative stations.

pearljam2014newest10. STILL GOING STRONG

There have been no indications of band members growing tired of playing together, or threats of quitting the band. They may have solo and/or side projects, but always come back to Pearl Jam. The band is still going strong and will hopefully continue to do so for many years to come.