Does Dave Grohl Now Run Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?


Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell discussed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a recent interview with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones on KLOS. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“When Dave [Grohl] invited me, he was like, ‘This is for my kid’s school, so if you have anything for your kid, I’ll do it as well.’ Very political, a good politician Dave Grohl is. But then at the end, when they got off stage, Dave approached me and said, ‘You know I’m on the board of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and don’t be surprised, because we’ve been talking about you, if come Monday you hear some news.'”

He added, “One thing that I found out recently, is they’re starting to put musicians on the board. That’s a great thing, it’s going to change the temperament of the voting and I think it’s going to really improve on the nominees.”

When Jones suggested that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would run out of bands if they induct too many, Farrell said this brought up a much bigger point about the state of music in 2016.

“Why would you think that you’d run out of bands when every year there’s new bands? Why? I’ll tell you why. Because the concept of a band has changed. The concept of music as we see it, rock and roll as we know it, has really changed.”

UPDATE: Krist Novoselic has responded to our story!