Pearl Jam Ridiculous 2020 Tour Ticket Prices Revealed


Pearl Jam have a summer 2020 European tour booked, and while fans are thrilled that the band are back on the road after a two years hiatus, they aren’t exactly pleased with ticket prices.

EmperorJoseph posted on Reddit, “I just saw the Berlin ticket price and I’m a bit shocked. 106,53€… Now I’m waiting for the Vienna prices to come up and I’m a bit scared.”

HeHighwayman90 responded, “Where did you see that price? That’s awfully high for face value GA.” EmperorJoseph shot back, “ I thought Pearl Jam wanna keep the price low :(.” TheHighwayman90 said, “Damn! I’m hoping to get seating tickets in Vienna for about 90-100 euros each. Here’s hoping.”

JamminOnTheOne wrote, “Are you in the Ten Club, or looking at the standard sale? Ten Club prices have already been revealed. Ten Club presale tickets for Vienna are $281/pair, or about 127 Euros each.”

Pearl Jam’s 2020 North American tour plan was just revealed. EmperorJoseph said, “Where did you see the price?” JamminOnTheOne posterd, “When the drawing was open the last few days, there was a page that listed each show with the price, and you could select shows to enter the drawing for. Since the drawing closed last night/this morning, I can’t get to that page any more.”

Solat319 chimed in, “Pearl Jam is not a poor man’s band anymore. Anyone who doesn’t understand that needs a reality check. It takes a pretty hefty disposable income to like this band now.”

Srbloggy commented, “NL Ziggo Dome prices looked about EUR30 higher than last time we went over there which is a steep rise for 5/6 years time.” TheHighwayman90 responded, “I saw them last year and it’s a €30 rise from then. Pretty nuts. My sister saw them in Berlin at the same venue they’re playing next year. Same story.”

Fanobear said, “It was 97.53 euro last year in Berlin ,I checked the price on my ticket. It’s an increase of 9 euro.” TheHighwayman90 posted, “That’s not too bad really. Considering it’s a smaller tour than last year too. Typically means overheads having to be covered by less shows. Praying Austria is under £100 a ticket all in.” Adam Sandler made a surprising Eddie Vedder ‘party’ claim a few days ago.