10 Reasons Smashing Pumpkins Will Reunite In 2018


1. Let’s face it. In the current musical climate, fewer and fewer new alternative bands come along that truly rock you to your core. There’s a lot at play that can to be blamed. For one, the music industry is a far cry from what it was even as recently as ten years ago. Let alone the heyday of the 90’s when the next big thing seemed to appear almost weekly. Short attention spans, the on-demand, never ending flow of a variety of media and rapid-fire changes in taste no doubt all play a role. But whatever it is; it sucks.

2. What we desperately need more than anything right now in the world of rock and alternative music is a big splash. Something to turn our heads and turn our attention to the glory of rock music. We need a champion. We need a hero. Today, this Christmas season, more than anything, we need the Smashing Pumpkins. The original Smashing Pumpkins.

3. Don’t get me wrong. Billy Corgan has without question been one of the most prolific names in rock over the past decade. Since 2007 when the “reunited” Pumpkins exploded back on the scene with Zeitgeist, Corgan & Co. have released further three albums with a rotating cast of musicians to varying degrees of critical acclaim. Most recently, 2014’s Monuments to an Elegy garnered the Pumpkins some of their strongest reviews since their mid-90’s dominance. It’s been a good run. If you ask most bands, they’d sign on to this level of success no questions asked.

4. Corgan doesn’t need to twist any arms. Anyone with half a good ear will attest that the man is one of the greatest songwriters of his generation. But there is something about that original band allure that catapults it to a whole other level.

5. If you don’t believe me. Just ask Axl Rose how life on the road the past year and a half has been with Slash and Duff back on board. Guns N’ Roses didn’t even get the full band back and despite cries of “Where’s Izzy?”, the band caught fire with their reunion, “Not In This Lifetime Tour.” Similarly to Guns, the Pumpkins have trucked along with a lack of original members. Sure, madman drummer supreme Jimmy Chamberlin has been in and out through that past ten-year run, but even with him destroying the drums like a rock n’ roll gorilla, it’s still only fifty percent of the classic lineup.

6. The time is ripe for Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin, James Iha and D’arcy Wretzky to put the past behind them and once and for all give the fans what they’ve longed for since the early aughts. A full-blown reunion! The seeds of a reunion appear to have been planted with former guitarist James Iha making appearances with the band here and there.

7. Corgan himself even fueled the fire with comments that the infamously bad blood between the members was now a thing of the past. Grunge and alternative stalwarts Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains have succeeded in keeping the alternative dream alive. Stone Temple Pilots look poised for a huge reunion with Jeff Gutt taking over the reins for the late Scott Weiland. There is no better time for this to happen for the Smashing Pumpkins.

8. The original Smashing Pumpkins were magical. For whatever reason, I still listen to my local FM alternative and rock radio. If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard “1979”, “Today” or “Zero” the past six months, let’s just say I wouldn’t be scraping for Christmas presents. The band’s first three albums are alternative rock classics. They’re must-listens for fans of the genre and music alike. Granted the Pumpkins didn’t experience the culture-shock explosion of Nirvana. I’ll give you the fact that they never held much water from a social point view a la Pearl Jam. But who the hell cares? It’s about the music. Those records crush. Maybe Corgan played all the guitar and bass parts early on; so what? Dave Grohl is lauded for the first Foo Fighters record and infamous for his handling on the drums on The Colour & the Shape.”

9. Was Corgan a control freak? Maybe. Were his intentions malicious? Doubtful. The guy set out to create some of the most addictive, instantly recognized rock of his time. And he succeeded. Every band has a captain. Just like baseball teams. I’m not saying he’s Derek Jeter but the guy did what he felt was right for the band and the proof is in the pudding. Hindsight offers perspective and the Billy Corgan of 2017 is no the Billy Corgan of 1997; nor are the other members the same people they were twenty years ago. Time heals all wounds. The Smashing Pumpkins have a chance to provide so much joy, so much unabashed, raucous in your face rock that people would lose their minds for a 2018 reunion tour.

10. So please. Billy, James, D’arcy and Jimmy. Let’s put rock back on the map. Those songs mean so much to so many. They’re too good not to be played by their original creators. Nothing is guaranteed and tomorrow is no exception. There’s no time like the present. And speaking of presents. Let’s give the rock fans what they truly want for Christmas; a full blown original Smashing Pumpkins reunion!