Sammy Hagar ‘Turns Down’ Van Halen Reunion Tour


Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently told ABC 7 Bay Area that while he would love to reunite with Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, and Michael Anthony for one more huge show, he has no interest in a full tour or new album with Van Halen. Alternative Nation transcribed Hagar’s comments.

“I don’t want to do a tour with those guys, I don’t want to go back in the studio and torture myself, or be tortured. I’m not asking for that, I’m not even asking to do anything, but I’m just saying if someone said, ‘Sammy, you’ve got one show left and you’re done, we’re never going to let your play again. Who do you want to play with?’ I’d say, ‘Go call up, Eddie, Alex, and Mike and let’s get together and do a show.’”

Darrin Stephens posted on recently about the voice of Van Halen’s other singer, David Lee Roth, who is currently opening for KISS on their ‘End of the Road’ tour.

“He still can do it the problem is if he does the full inhale trademark scream for some reason it messes up control of diaphragm and getting it reset. So then it contracts too much, too much forced air, throat constricts and it all goes nasal elmo Dave. Windows of success are smaller so letting it rip is high risk proposition.

Likely will overtime try to edge it in half way to see where he can and still keep control. Listen to the Kimmel sound check it is out there. He felt great, big show and he was letting rip the screams in soundcheck. Threw off control, showtime the nose incident, by the time he came back control was gone. You will hear the soundcheck however pretty classic screams. Frustrating wtf happened later that night, LOC

75KL said, “It’s good to see Dave singing better on this tour. Maybe he’s actually listening to us, because he’s doing exactly what we all said. Let the background guys do the hooks, don’t sing way too high, keep within a certain range, spot those screams here and there if the voice is strong, and we see that his voice is starting to come back. Stay in key and it will sound good. Plus, he’s keeping the talking down as well and the shows are not overly long.” Sammy Hagar recently unloaded on his breakup with Van Halen being ‘ugly.’