10 Singers Who Could Replace Chester Bennington In Linkin Park


In July we tragically lost Chester Bennington to suicide, but five members of Linkin Park remain. The band have not made any announcement regarding any future plans, outside of stating that they are planning a tribute event for Chester. Mike Shinoda wrote on Instagram over the weekend, “Good morning. I’m on a bit of a social media diet. Watching not talking ? Stay tuned for some announcements this week.”

If Linkin Park do choose to perform without Chester Bennington, may it be just for select tribute and awards ceremony performances in the future, or even continuing with new albums and tours, here are some singers who could mesh well with Linkin Park’s surviving members. Some of these choices are people who could work for guest performances (the big point of this article is singers for potential Hall of Fame/tribute performances if those ever happen), while others could be more of a fit on new material or tours under a new name.

Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor has shown an openness to take on multiple projects, simultaneously fronting Slipknot and Stone Sour for years, and even auditioning for Velvet Revolver after Scott Weiland’s dismissal in 2008. While Taylor’s voice is no way way identical to Bennington’s, Taylor also has the ability to sing melodic and scream, a key part of the Linkin Park sound.


Kiiara would definitely make sense at the very least as a frequent guest performer to sing “Heavy” in its entirety in honor of her duet partner Chester Bennington.

Emily Armstrong

Dead Sara frontwoman Emily Armstrong is one of the greatest and most underrated voices to come out in rock in the 2010’s. Performing with Linkin Park would be an opportunity to really make her voice heard, and she would bring the ability to both perform a lot of Linkin Park’s back catalog in a completely unique way with a female voice, and also to contribute to any new material.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto was close friends with Chester, has the ability to sing melodic and scream, and could be one of the choices on this list who would be quickly accepted by many fans. Leto honored his late friend at the MTV VMA’s.

William DuVall

William DuVall replaced Layne Staley in Alice In Chains, and he has the range to perform many of Linkin Park’s hits. DuVall would be a great voice to add to any potential tribute performance.

Dan Reynolds

Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds would be a choice if Linkin Park really wanted to move forward with new albums, as the band appeared to be moving in a more electronic rock direction on One More Light.

Jonathan Davis

Korn came to commercial prominence around the same time as Linkin Park, and hearing Davis sing Hybrid Theory would definitely feel like an early 2000’s throwback.

Ryan Shuck

Ryan Shuck would make perfect sense for a tribute show guest spot performance with his history with Chester in Dead By Sunrise. Shuck has already performed Dead By Sunrise and Grey Daze songs in honor of his friend.

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt appeared on The X-Factor in the U.S. a few years ago, and more recently he has auditioned to replace both Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington in Stone Temple Pilots.

Mike Shinoda

If Linkin Park decide to only stick to select tribute performances, they could strip down and rework some of their hits to fit Mike Shinoda’s voice, or let the fans sing Chester’s parts with Shinoda continuing to sing his parts.

  • Eddie Yarler

    Why not Fred Durst? he has a voice similar to Chester just lower. Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are from the same era. Mike is a better rapper too so he could actually prove he has a decent voice when its not rapping about Nookies and Breaking Shit.

    • How does Fred Durst sound remotely anything like Chester?? Ridiculous comment.

      • Eddie Yarler

        I’d say the fact that they are both tenors is a start. Did you not read how I said they sound similar but Fred’s is lower? I never said they sound same. Just more similar than any single person on this list. Ridiculous how everyone on this site lacks reading comprehension.


        • Matt Roberts

          I second Andy H – Rediculous comment. Fred Durst cannot sing FULL STOP. Chester was an incredible singer. Saying Fred Durst could front Linkin Park is probably the most laughable thing I’ve heard this year….Unless of course, you are in any way…. Joking??? SMH.

          • Eddie Yarler

            Skip to 3:10. If anything this is harder to sing than anything off Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The only songs in which Chester really shows off how hard it would be to capture his range are Given Up and the Adele cover. Two songs. Sorry dude. I hate to break it to you but neither Chester nor Linkin Park are anywhere close to being as talented as people act like they are since Chester died. Linkin Park themselves are essentially the PG, moodier Limp Bizkit anyways.

          • What a clown. “The only songs in which Chester really shows off how hard it would be to capture his range are Given Up and the Adele cover.” Surely you’ve forgotten to take your medication? Fred Durst is an AWFUL singer, he raps much better than he sings…whether that is a compliment or not? Have you heard “The Messenger”?, “Bleed It Out” “Until It’s Gone” “Lies , Greed, Misery”???
            I could go on and on but these are just off the top of my head. Also have you actually heard Fred Durst sing LIVE?? I’ve seen Limp Bizkit twice at Download Festival and they were horrendous…not as ‘a band’ but vocally terrible. Chester’s live voice is completely incomparable with ‘Fred’.
            If anything I would say he would be the absolute WORST replacement for a singer as accomplished and talented as Chester.
            Somebody like Layne Staley, M Shadows or maybe Oli Sykes would by my choice – whether they would want to or not is irrelevant btw. The thought of Fred Durst is actually quite hilarious and insulting, equally. Which is why it will NEVER happen.

          • Matt Roberts

            Get outta here with that shitty album….

          • Eddie Yarler

            Lmao as you listen to One More Light. Riiiiight

          • Matt Roberts

            You mean listen to an album by a band who aren’t afraid to try something different instead of recycling the same horrid, rap metal junk album after album? The fact that you like Bizkit speaks volumes for your musical taste, unless of course you are a 13 year old kid – i’d then excuse your ignorance/stupidity to a point.
            Bizkit were a joke band when they were relevant and now they’re still a joke but now completely irrelevant and are an embrarrasing footnote in rock/metal history. I’m not a big Linkin Park fan in all honestly, my tastes are much more old school but even so I can appreciate that Chester Bennington had more talent in his little finger than Fred Durst or even Limp Bizkit combined have. This conversation has gone way past embarassing for yourself.

          • Eddie Yarler

            Aaaand it comes out! Yeah One More Light the album that sounds just like Maroon 5 is daring and experimental. Chester’s last album on Earth was a pathetic attempt at selling out and jumping into the top 40 crowd. I’ll leave you to your Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas now. I’m sorry, I thought you enjoyed real music for a second, not mass produced garbage. Oh and Linkin Park is more talentless than Limp Bizkit. Lol I’m not crazy about either but at least I’m not stupid enough to think they actually have any integrity as artists like you do. Lol

          • Matt Roberts

            That fact they you say “LOL” confirms to me that you are indeed a child. Secondly, I didn’t say One More Light was ground breaking, I was pointing out that Linkin Park aren’t afraid to try something different other than what sheep like you “expect” them to sound like. Except for their first two albums each album has a different sound and feel, especially ‘A Thausand Suns’, Limp Bizkit on the other hand have absolutely no idea what “pushing yourself creatively means” and will continously release the same repetitive drivel until they ultimtely crawl back under the rock which they once came from.
            Thirdly, you comment on a LINKIN PARK post and continue to bash LINKIN PARK. That also confimrs to me that you are not only a child, but also a brainless, ignorant troll.
            And finally, the fact that you listen to absolute drivel and then say to me “I thought you enjoyed real music for a second, not mass produced garbage” – is the absolute icing on the cake.
            This will be the last post free me, because quite franky you’ve bored me to tears. I’ll just go away and listen to my “massed produced garbage” which of course, in no way compares to the mighty Limp Bizkit.

          • Eddie Yarler

            I never bashed Linkin Park. You just shut down when i pointed out how Fred Durst might be a good fit for a band who is essentially the pg version of his band. Besides A Thousand Suns have never been creative, innovative or unique. Excuse me. You said you liked old school music. I’ll leave you to your New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys now. Haha

          • Dennis Magadia Beredo

            https://youtu.be/X9Cr4L6bb40 Try listen with earpiece on. And give me name who can sing like that

          • Eddie lad, you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point.

  • Pedro Henrique

    Shit replacements, just Corey could be a decent screamo over the list. Personally I support Oliver Sykes to “replace” the unreplaceable Chaz

  • Uki Padilla

    Chester is unique and irreplaceable but if Linkin Park decides to go on, Dennis Stoff would be the best replacement.

  • Ali Adam Mubarak

    Lol… None of those singers could sing songs from Hybrid Theory and Meteora like Chester did. If they want to continue as a band, I’d love to see Mike as a lead singer. If they want to replace King Chester, I hope they do it under different band name. RIPChester…

  • dakotablue

    DuVall’s voice is too soft to sing like Chester imo. And he didn’t replace Layne either because that is impossible.

  • Shane99

    Please, LP, take Jeff Gutt. That way I’ll know he won’t singing for STP.

  • facepollutioin

    Surprised nobody has mentioned Richard Patrick from Filter – he definitely has a similar timbre to his voice.

  • Noizmaka

    Pretty sure that u can forget Corey, Jonathan, DuVall, Reynolds, Leto joining Linkin Park.

  • Gilang Putra

    The bad news is.. nobody can ever replace Chester like forever. Or they have to open audition like they did to Chester.. But for me there’s no way and nobody could. His voice is one and only.. Even every powerful screaming in every metal bands in the world is no equal to Chester.. every voice is unique.

  • adam smith

    Those all suck as choices to replace him. None of them can replace him. If they want a new lead singer, fine, but in my opinion those people are all perfect where they are. And Jared Leto? Are you drunk? Why would he leave the mega-successful Thirty Seconds to go do Linin Park?

    • Jim Brashear

      Linkin Park is wayyyyyyy bigger than 30 Seconds bro.

  • Jim Brashear

    Trevor McNevin from Thousand Foot Krutch. End of story. Guy sounds just like Chester.

  • Wayne Theel

    How about Adam Gontier…he would be a terrific “replacement”…not copy cat…for Chester, and he would bring another writer to the table, not just a voice?

  • Jean-Philippe Fortier

    this is the whorst list i’ve seen and come on did anyone thought of fred durst the frontman of limp bizkit if somebody should have been on this list it’s him no doubt about it he has a very similar voice to chester and limp bizkit was pretty close to linkin park in the nu metal genre.

    • satan


  • Brett Stevens

    What if I said I know someone that can sing and scream just like Chester. Obviously it’s not exact but this guy grew up listening to Linkin Park and started covering there songs in bands the same year hybrid thoery hit the street. He would respectfully take the part and be humble about that fact that Chester was the one and only. This person has had many life struggles and some amazing stories he could put down on paper and Linkin Park could live on in memory of Chester while sounding almost the same.. My name is Brett Stevens.