90’s Legend Calls Out Billy Corgan ‘Douchery’ Towards D’arcy: ‘Trent Reznor Hates Him’


Former Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) has continued to unload on Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan on Facebook. He linked to a recent Alternative Nation article about how he was tempted to punch Corgan back in the 90’s. He first quoted a recent Corgan Instagram post.

“‘And one must avoid the Pavlovian response to speak to the greater interest at the detriment of those who truly are interested in artistic process (which time has shown is probably the least interesting detail to most).’ Could this guy use more pseudo-intellectual bullsh*t speak? I told you he was an arrogant piece of sh*t, why do you think Trent Reznor and I hate his f*cking guts?”

Dandy Jon Powder commented, “you read about how he was gaslighting Darcy for this new fake reunion tour he’s putting together this year? He’s such a scumbag.”

Pogo responded, “sounds exactly like him…nothing in the field of douchery that he does would surprise me.”

Ian Saint commented, “I was completely sincere when I expressed my relief that Billy wasn’t this great inspiration to Mechanical Animals, as Brian seemed to insinuate in Rolling Stone. ??‍♂️.”

Pogo responded, “I don’t doubt your sincerity, although I completely doubt the sincerity and honesty of both Brian Warner and Billy Corgan.”

“Again the only time I recall him ever coming into the studio, is when we were doing the demos at the house that Twiggy and Brian were living in, and Billy showed up to ‘explain to me’ how to desync oscillators to ‘make it sound like the Cars’… duh? In fact, most pre-built patches that use the desyncing of oscillators reference a Car’s song in the name of the patch.”

Jacob Cotner commented, “Well apparently while hanging around at the house Brian played Billy The Dope Show demo and Billy approved of the direction you guys were going in. Thus rock history was made.”

Pogo responded, “Actually Dope Show was ‘written’ in the studio, when we were no longer recording at the house that Brian and Twiggy lived in at the time. Perhaps he stopped by their house and heard an early version?
However, I use the word ‘written’ very loosely and lightly, because Twiggy basically lifted the guitar line from Cornershop’s ‘Brimful of Asher’, and made it the slower bass line of a ‘new’ song…”

“don’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes out of the mouth of Billy Corgan or Brian Warner.”

“However, even Courtney admitted that Billy contributed a lot to her album. I have no idea, I wasn’t there.”

“That being said, the majority of Mechanical Animals was written long before Billy Corgan ever showed up …and long before Dope Show was stolen from another band.”

“he did a few good things in the early days with Smashing Pumpkins, but putting out a whole bunch of s*** music doesn’t make you prolific. And I certainly don’t think he’s all that talented.”

Arson Blod Natt commented, “Yay! Brother Pogo made the news again. Least you are making Billy relevant again. He needs the attention.”

Pogo responded, “What can I say, I’m a very caring person? I love helping out these 90s hasbeens.”

“I should be good at it, I am one of them after all.”

Jeremy Boreske commented, “Didn’t even read the article and I say that Billy would have deserved [to be punched by you], I’m sure. I’ve met him a few times and he was a total arrogant prick each time. Sorry if you are still friends with the dude all my experience with him sucked and his music never really did anything for me.”

Pogo responded, “What the f*** are you talking about!?! I’ve always hated that m***********!!!”

“And I agree with everything you’re saying: he’s always been a piece of s*** every time I’ve met his arrogant-yet-whiny ass!”

Shawn Leiter commented, “Beautiful ? I dont use the word ‘hate’ very often but I hate this f%cking ??!! The last two times I was with Hugh this f%ck boy was around and all he did was whine like a bitch! F%CK BILLY CORGAN ?.”

Pogo responded, “Just like Jeremy Boreske above you, I’ve never met a person, who has met him in real life like I have, who’s not found him to be a complete f****** arrogant whiny piece of s*** … sorry to keep repeating the same phrases… I need to buy a thesaurus.”