A Perfect Circle Play Show With Scott Stapp: ‘A Chunk Of The Crowd Cut Out Early’


Right photo taken by Lauryn Schaffner for AlternativeNation.net

A Perfect Circle, former Creed frontman Scott Stapp, Linkin Park singer/guitarist Mike Shinoda, Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle, and others played Buzzfest in Texas over the weekend.

Houston Press wrote, “Obviously, the fact that they’re at the top of this list means I thought their performance was great, but it was also very weird. APC just don’t feel like the type of band that should headline a show like this, what with their dark colors, little chatter and hidden frontman. That probably explains why a healthy chunk of the crowd cut out early. That’s their loss, because a late in the set performance of ‘Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums’ was outstanding, like something straight out of a nightmare. Their whole set sounded nearly flawless, but even with radio singles they’re not the most radio-(festival)-friendly act; still, I am glad I got to see them at a venue like the Pavilion.

Personal Bias: The only time I’ve ever been up on the barrier up front at a concert was when I saw A Perfect Circle on the tour behind Thirteenth Step. When the band came on, the crowd predictably surged forward. After about three songs I had to head to move, and once I did I could feel my guts repositioning themselves back into their normal places. I’ve yet to feel that squished again.

The Crowd: They sell the Pavilion out. They sing very loud. What more could you want?”

Watch videos from A Perfect Circle and Scott Stapp’s performances below.

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