Howard Stern Makes Embarrassing Gavin Rossdale Claim


Howard Stern recently discussed the Gavin Rossdale and Bush classic “The Chemicals Between Us” and he embarrassingly thought the song was recent, despite the fact that it came out 20 years ago in 1999 on The Science of Things. Howard Stern did a brutal segment on David Bowie and Michael Jackson recently.

Howard said he was listening to Tom Morello’s revolution on Sirius and he thinks that name is a little much. He said it’s not a revolution but he has good musical taste. He said he plays mostly his own songs. He said he did a song called ”Can’t Stop the Bleeding” and it was Gary Clark Jr. and Tom. He said it’s pretty good. He said this guy Tom Morello is good. He played the song for Fred. Fred said he loves it. Howard said it’s good.

Howard said he listens to Lithium a lot on Sirius. He said he likes the 90s music. He said Lithium is awesome. He said it’s like pussy, it’s awesome. He said it’s like Mark the Bagger. He said Mark says pussy is awesome, p**** is the greatest. A Soundgarden member recently revealed the bold truth about Gavin Rossdale.

Howard said he heard Bush’s song ”Chemicals Between Us” too. He said he didn’t know it was written just a few years ago. Howard had the song start and he started to talk it up like he was WNBC. He said he was so confused by the WNBC thing. He said he heard Imus say WNBC and he tried to do it the way he did it and he was told that was wrong.

Howard played the song again and talked it up. He said Gavin has some good riffs. He said he’s not fucking around. Howard said the song came out in 1999. He said he didn’t realize that. Howard said he has to get to some OJ stuff and then do the news. He said tomorrow Nikki Glaser is coming in to tell some jokes she didn’t use. He said Nick Cannon is coming in on Wednesday. He said he has to ask Nick about coming out with Ken Jeong on the Emmys. He said he will ask him about that when he’s in there. He said he was caught in the headlights of that guy’s bit. He said he doesn’t know his work. He said he thought his name was Ken Jeong Un too. Howard Stern savagely called out an Eddie Vedder ripoff last week.