A Perfect Circle Unreleased Song That Sounds Like Radiohead Revealed


In a new Kerrang interview, A Perfect Circle guitarist Billy Howerdel revealed that the band’s new song “Delicious” was first written initially when the band formed, and that there is an unreleased early version that sounds a bit like Radiohead. The song appeared on Eat the Elephant.

“I wanted people to hear the record before saying this, but this is a song that I wrote back in the Mer De Noms era. It’s been around for a while and Maynard was open to picking it up and seeing where it could go. He’d originally done a scat vocal on it years ago, and it was pretty different to what he ended up doing. Radiohead’s OK Computer was on heavy rotation during the making of the first record, so you can kind of hear a little homage to that. We knew we wanted to play this one live, as it’s an important song on the record. It’s a highlight of the show for me.”

He also discussed “Feathers”.

“A big bulk of these songs were written around 2014-15. To me, Hourglass is a very different song. I had it earmarked as an Ashes Divide song, but then what Maynard brought to it was so different. We played this one on the 2017 tour, which meant we could stretch our legs on it a little bit. It’s got a lot of energy and dynamics, so it was a complicated song to try and sequence. I think the studio version is better, but took a while to work out.”