AC/DC 2021 Tour Photo Leaked By Singer, Is It Axl Rose?


The AC/DC logo font was featured in a cryptic new ‘Monsters of Rock’ 2021 cruise tour teaser by Alice Cooper. Cooper wrote, “Stay tuned.. #monstersofrockcruise.” It’s unclear if Cooper is hinting at performances with AC/DC, or if it’s simply the logo being ripped off.

Venom Injector posted on about the rumored new album, where Brian Johnson is supposedly back, replacing Axl Rose. “I wonder how much of the material on ROB was actually written and arranged by Angus Young alone, without Malcolm’s input/approval. My guess is they had most of the material already planned/written together prior to Malcolm’s illness becoming severe.

This time, even if Angus dug some other archived material written by/with Malcolm, he has the full responsibility of putting together the record from start to finish and it’s something he never had to do all by himself, so I suppose he might be taking a lot of time to sit on the material and see how it sounds.

Also, the news reported this idea of using Malcolm’s guitars in the recording which leaves me a bit in disbelief to be honest, from a technical point of view; I mean, Mal probably recorded some guitar ideas at home with a drum machine years ago, like he often used to do, but integrating those guitar tracks within an actual record is a pretty unrealistic task unless they had separated guitar tracks recorded with a DI that can be reamped. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t see Mal messing around with audio recording software at home. Well, one day we’ll see (maybe)…” An AC/DC icon leaked a ‘goodbye’ message a few days ago.