Tool Member Wife Tight Swimsuit Photo Revealed


Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently posted photos of his wife Korin with their children in the pool and in bed. Tool trashing a blatant album ripoff was just detailed.

Arch_Is_Man posted on Reddit a few days ago about Maynard James Keenan using philosophy in Tool songs, “I’ve heard that works of Tool are philosophical in nature. I’ve always felt different listening to this amazing band playing but what exactly is the nature of the philosophical aspect of Tool that gives it a cult following? How is Tool different from other prog metal/rock bands out there? Can’t quite grasp the philosophy in Tool’s songs though I’ve subtly felt it at times.”

Arkon-Audio responded, “(To me) the philosophy is in a way anti-philosophy to the standard sense of it. Nothing is 100%, there are infinite factors interconnected with every phenomena we perceive. Truth is an illusion, you can only get closer to the truth. People try to quantize and define to make sense of everything, and assume that to be 100% it. Dualistic thinking- right/wrong etc. Right in two?

Once you are free from this habitual way of thinking, filtering, and reacting to things in life- which is learned mainly from fear, you can start to form a much better picture of your experience as a human. ‘Swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human’ ‘Over thinking over analyzing…’

‘Mention something mention anything: watch the weather change’ – a few of the most direct mentions of this overarching idea that come to mind… Just my thoughts, no one can speak for the band, and no one can truly explain the idea, you have to realize yourself.” A Tool member joining a System of a Down supergroup was just revealed.