Aerosmith Reveal Money Steven Tyler Spent On Drugs


Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton discussed how the group’s initial success was almost their downfall in a new feature with BassGearMagazine. Hamilton revealed that while the group was playing stadiums and had a lot of money, cars and women the group was always tired and blaming each other and this put a strain on things professionally. Aerosmith reveal why Steven Tyler ‘replaced’ bandmate. He also claimed Tyler and other members were getting ‘stoned,’ suggesting marijuana use.

He told the outlet: “By that time, we had wives, girlfriends, cars, houses and enough money to be as stoned as we wanted. We were out on tour playing stadiums. We were on the autobahn of our success, but the car was breaking down. The engine was overheating. We were stressed and fatigued, and we all blamed each other for why it was that way. We had been struggling to get the Night in the Ruts album done, but we had to break it down and hit the road because the tour was already booked. Little things felt like big things” Steven Tyler ‘bends over’ for surprising young man in photo.

In other news regarding Aerosmith, fans recently took to social media to discuss one of the band’s most beloved albums – ‘Pump’. One fan stated: “This is one of Aerosmith’s finest offerings. It’s predecessor, Permanent Vacation, was a solid album and full of fun, but Pump is a punch in the nuts. Great Aerosmith grooves yet a slightly darker offering than Permanent Vacation. “Love in an Elevator,” “Janie’s Got a Gun,” Monkey on My Back,” and “Voodoo (Medicine Man)” are real standouts. This is a fan must-have.

While this fan said: “This album is a must for any Aerosmith fan of any of the bands storied decades. With that said i’m a fan of “The 70’s Aerosmith” and had a hard time with the edge that the band left behind with the return album Permanent Vacation. So for me to say that this record is a must is coming from the heart of a metal/blues musical taste and if this is your taste also, and you are somehow just now getting into Aerosmith? Lol! then just click buy, and then check out Just Push Play!” Steven Tyler reveals huge ‘size’ to women in photo.

You can read the full piece HERE.