AC/DC Icon Stunned By Bandmate Falling Offstage


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has shared a video from a recent Chris Slade Timeline show where his bandmate intentionally falls offstage into fans. A Motley Crue icon revealed a touching photo featuring Angus Young over the weekend.

“Fun in Corsica! Taken from the sound desk by our own Stevie Gee, Bun’s now famous ‘stage dive’… No singers or audience members were injured during the making of this video… Thanks CORSICA YOU ROCK!! ⚡ 😊⚡”

There have been rumors that Phil Rudd has returned to AC/DC, replacing Slade on drums, alongside Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams, with a new album and tour rumored for 2020. A major AC/DC announcement was made in New York on Friday.

nitroangus23 posted on ACDCFans about the rumored followup to 2014’s Rock or Bust, “I expect as good as ROB, with the hope of it being better than ROB. They do always seem to surprise when you least expect it, of course I don’t think they are gonna pump out anything near their prime and I would hope no one is expecting that.

However….I would like to think Mal’s passing and the return of Phil and Brian after all that went down may have given them a bit more inspiration/hunger/to work a bit harder so to speak.

Sure, it’s not the same situation as Back In Black,not by a long shot, but it is different this time compared to the last few records. There hasn’t been this big a shake up in the line up ever,a decent amount of drama and not so flattering media bs has been hanging over the band. Be it the reception of Axl,or the thoughts of Brian’s departure.

The loss of Mal (and George for that matter.) and the add to the fact that this one could be the very last record they do together…Gives me hope for something special,maybe I’m hanging onto a pipe dream,maybe it was business as usual again and they bashed it out fast and that was it. Even if that is so, I still have interest. I dig Black Ice and ROB for what they are, solid output for a band so late in the game. Can’t wait to hear whatever they have from the Vancouver sessions.