AC/DC Major Cancelation Leaked By Big Name


On the AC/DC fan forum, a member revealed that Phil Rudd told him in 2017 that the ‘Giant Dose of Rock N Roll’ tour documentary was canceled, and in a vault somewhere.

flattusmaximus posted:

Giant Dose of Rock N Roll tour documentary, never released.

mkberg posted:

I talked with Phil in 2017 and he said the film was scrapped and stored somewhere in Australia. One can only hope.

flattusmaximus posted:

If it exists Sony can get it if they want to.

Back on topic, I don’t see how they could do a fall release. Makes no sense. I love the boys but the more time that passes, the less favors it does them.

44 posted:

I wonder how much stuff the band and the label went through for Bonfire. You’d think that the whole of HTH sessions have at least been digitized and stored somewhere in Sony’s hard drives. It would be weird if they only went through the HTH tapes if the everything else was readily available at that point. You’d think they would have mastered the whole Bondi Lifesaver gig at that point too.

New video is probably though to find find as film is expensive and it was standard practice to tape over a lot of stuff.