AC/DC Member ‘Broke’ After Painful Breakup


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson discussed splitting with his wife Carol and moving in with his parents around the time Back in Black was recorded, and interviewer Dan Rather said he was broke, as this was before the album’s release and selling millions of copies. Johnson and Carol later reconciled before divorcing for good during The Razors Edge sessions in 1990. Alternative Nation transcribed Johnson and Rather’s remarks. Brian Johnson finally revealed an AC/DC firing phone call yesterday.

Dan Rather: I want to go back to Back in Black now. Did the thought occur to you that you just joined AC/DC, and Back in Black takes off and dominates the charts, obviously it made a lot of money. Did the thought ever occur to you, you know what, this is my first time with them to ever really hit the big time, so that’s it, I’m going to walk away from it just like Ted Williams hitting a home run his last at bat or something?

Brian Johnson: I waited it seemed like forever, it must have been a month, and a package came, it was Back in Black, the cover and I went look at this, it was all in black. I was living with my Mom and Dad at the time.

An AC/DC member revealed tragic news from a doctor a few days ago. Rather then claimed that Johnson was ‘broke.’

Rather: Living with your Mom and Dad because you were broke.

Johnson: Well, I was separated from the wife, so I was living with my Mom and Dad. They didn’t have a record player or anything.

A bold AC/DC Super Bowl performance claim by a big name surfaced last week. Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams are rumored to reunite for an AC/DC tour and new album.