Van Halen Icon Makes Stunning Reunion Announcement


Former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has shot down hopes of a ‘Van Hagar’ reunion just days after David Lee Roth declared Van Halen ‘finished’ after an original lineup reunion tour with Michael Anthony fell through before it could take place in summer 2019. After Roth’s cryptic comments, theories surfaced that maybe he had left the band and another incarnation could be coming, but it looks like Sammy Hagar has shot down the idea that he will be returning.

A fan asked Hagar, “Dude!! Can you push for a Van Halen get together to prove Dave wrong and make us fans happy?!?!” Hagar responded, “@ognizom It don’t take much to prove Dave wrong but I think a VH reunion has come and gone.”

David Lee Roth is set to return to playing live after 5 years in 2020 for a Las Vegas residency, and some fans on seem to prefer his past solo bands over his current act after seeing rehearsal videos.

Dave’s Dreidel posted, “The band he had with Brian Young and Ray Luzier was a tight unit. I don’t think too much of his current backing band, but again, it was rehearsal footage, who the hell knows.

I am just expecting this to be a train wreck, and I don’t want it to be, I would like for him to do well.”

David Lee Roth brutally called out Eddie Van Halen a few days ago. EJC responded, “It wasn’t a rehearsal. It was a private performance for industry peeps at a rehearsal studio. But they were obviously green and “needed” a few more rehearsals.

Anthony/Johnson/Bonham are not virtuosos’ but are a rock solid, professional band with well over 100 years of combined experience. As primarily a solo act outside of his time in VH – Hagar certainly understands the importance of having professional musicians on stage with him. Dave did as well up until this most recent incarnation.

I have no idea who is in Dave’s band currently. Did some research but can’t find anything. Would love to see what else they were involved with so I could hear them individually.”