AC/DC Member Hires Two Singers For Massive Tour


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade revealed why he has hired two singers for his new Chris Slade Timeline tour. He made the comments in a Camden Town Radio interview, and Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks. AC/DC are rumored to reunite for a 2020 tour featuring surviving ‘Back in Black’ members Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams. Brian Johnson was told by a surprising name that AC/DC ‘ruined’ him.

“The AC/DC is Paul Bun Davis. The second singer Steve Glasscock. We have two singers because it’s such a diverse material. There’s very few singers who could sing AC/DC, and then sing July Morning. It’s also variety of course, so people don’t just get bored with AC/DC (laughs).”

Slade also said, “What we do is play the music I’ve played over the past 50, 60 years, starting with Tom Jones in the 60’s. It’s about 50/50, with AC/DC and [the rest].”

An AC/DC icon revealed a painful David Gilmour secret recently. ebbineezer posted on last week, “Since the forum is getting stale, I figured I’d ask a question I’ve wandered for years… What does the band tend to do immediately after a show? I remember seeing a video of Iron Maiden riding away in a van (incognito) and they got stuck in traffic… the band members were very nervous they would be discovered by the streets full of fans, haha

So what does AC/DC do? Do they tend to hang around back stage a few hours until the crowd disperses? What if they’re at an ampitheater type venue and there is only one road in/out? Surely there are fans that wait and try to catch them coming out the back door!?”

Dhards95 responded, “I would assume they shower off and relax for a bit before waiting to leave. They used to do backstage meet and greets where they would sign autographs, take pictures and have a chat but that stopped once the black ice tour began. I’d have to assume that stopped due to a combination of age/tiredness and Malcolm’s dementia.” An AC/DC icon revealed a ‘nonsense’ Angus Young demand a couple of weeks ago.