AC/DC Member ‘Terrified’ After Awful Performance


AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson recently interviewed The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh on television, and they discussed their awful first live performances. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments.

Brian Johnson: What was your first gig?

Joe Walsh: My first gig, I was so afraid, I was shaking so bad, I couldn’t even play.

Brian: So was I, I was terrified, with the eyes shut.

Joe: Absolutely. You can’t wait until you’re really good to play in front of people. You have to play in front of people, and suck. You got to learn about that, and a lot of people never play again, because that’s too traumatic. But if you do it til you’re less scared, that’s how you get good.

Brian: You ran for President, that was brilliant. I remember the new National Anthem was going to be ‘Life’s Been Good’ and the motto was ‘Free Gas For Everybody.’ You must have got a few votes!

Joe: Oh, I did.

Brian: Would you have done it? Honestly, seriously?

Joe: Well, I’m thinking of running again.

Brian: Well you’d get my vote.

Joe: Our present President has proven that anybody can run. So why not me?

Brian Johnson is reportedly back in AC/DC, as Alternative Nation previously reported. Former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright discussed Axl Rose replacing Brian Johnson for AC/DC’s 2016 tour in a new WRIF interview, as transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

“I read the news that he was going to be fronting the band, I thought, ‘Wow, I hope he turns up,’ but obviously he’s grown up a bit. I don’t know, I saw some of the material, some of the live stuff and I think he managed to do a good job there, it sounds awesome.

You got to give him kudos for coming in and being respectful, and those guys being able to finish up that tour because I’m sure it would’ve been a big expense to cancel those shows or try to reschedule them. So I think it all worked out for them. I heard Brian [Johnson] came back, which is good news, so we’ll wait and see what happens with that.”