James Iha Apologizes To Smashing Pumpkins Fans After Screwup


In a humorous moment, James Iha recently apologized to fans at a Smashing Pumpkins show after making a joke about shoes. Billy Corgan started the funny exchange.

Billy Corgan: In speaking to Norwegians about their culture, James said something about their shoes.

James Iha: Did I?

Billy: Yes.

James: I don’t remember.

Billy: You kind of insinuated there’s something wrong with their shoes.

James: I might have.

Billy: This is a true story, I’m not making this up. Last night, the crown Prince of Norway was at our show, and after the show he said, ‘What was the thing about the shoes?’ Would you like to publicly recant?

James: Yes, I take back whatever I said about Norwegian Scandinavian shoes. They’re fine, fine footwear.

Billy Corgan recently wrote on Instagram, “Bucolic days in Berlin. After a lot of rehearsal, and moving about, and then 3 shows in a row with some bruising bus rides, we’ve landed in Berlin for some days off before our sold out show tomorrow, here, for 10.000 people.

Which blows our mind because for years we couldn’t even get a show in these parts. But thanks to our great fans here, they’ve made it happen. So we are very much looking forward to tomorrow evening. Followed by the great twin festival of Rock am Ring and Rock am Park, where we have the distinction of playing with Tool and many other great artists. These really are the best times.

This shot is taken in front of a building with American ties, where there is a Bauhaus show ongoing. If only those artists knew the influence they’d have on our world, their minds would have been blown…”

You can see videos of recent performances of Tiberius, The Aeroplane Flies High, GLOW, Superchrist, and Alienation below.