AC/DC Reveal ‘Balding’ Singer Photo, Is It Brian Johnson?


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has revealed new photos of his great singer Stevie Gee, who is sporting an awesome balding look! Angus Young’s rumored anger with the AC/DC reunion album with Brian Johnson was recently revealed.

Slade said, “Happy Birthday and New Year to our singer STEVIE GEE from all your bandmates in THE CHRIS SLADE TIMELINE ⚡.”

CliffFINmark2 posted on about the state of AC/DC in 2020, “Been away for a while, I know you missed me! 94 messages wow that is the most I have ever let a speculation/Vancouver thread run during my time at the forum.

It is sad to see the forum fading, but it is only natural as nothing is happening and the “Best ACDC songs to shower to” and the latest Dave Evans threads are not sufficent to keep the juices running and it is only natural. It is a great forum, with a great group of people and hopefully the site will survive and not fade as the great Rising Power site.

I will be lurking and hit the forum back actively when shit will start to come down. It is hard to expect anything, it is hard to keep the faith (no B.Jovi pun intended), but still deep down I feel that we have not heard the last of Angus Young thus AC/DC yet. I want to believe, althou the wait is pain.

But in the meantime I will focus on the upcoming KISS and Faith No More tours in 2020, and some Judas Priest to top the years tour money spend up… And heck why not even Ozzy if he will really make the tour this time around.

Happy new years gals and guys. Hope we get lucky during this year, and if we don’t please remember that we still have eachothers.” An AC/DC singer was just rushed out of a club due to attack threats.