AC/DC Singer ‘Rushed’ Out Of Club After Attack


Former AC/DC singer Dave Evans experienced a case of Beatlemania a few weeks ago when on tour in Mexico, as he had to be rushed out of a club after fans swarmed him following a performance. An AC/DC member revealed why Angus Young ‘needs him’ a few days ago.

Evans wrote on Facebook, “What a show in Mexico City tonight !! Wow !! The full house went insane and rocked and smiled and cheered and cheered my name. I was really touched and it took four big bouncers to get me out of the place and we were chased up the street into the waiting cab. Mexico City I love you too <3." DustDevil recently posted on, "I much prefer the olde version of The Jack. Why did they swap the lyrics? I know a lot of you hate the song, but, why the lyrics change? Shirley the original version is miles better lyrically?" Badlands66 responded, "The studio card playing version is not really the original version, the live version is more or less...they were told by the record company that they had to change the lyrics cause they were too explicit or some such (apparently a big deal back in those days)...but retained them live. Think it was mentioned in an interview somewhere." Ac/dennis said, "Interesting topic. But the cards-version ended up on a record right? Did they then play The Jack as a song that was not recorded before? Are there any live recordings known?" Ac/dennis commented, "Yes, I believe so. And the Ghonorea-thing, was that a part of the song, or a song or prelude on itself? Also, I've heard like longer versions of the song, I thought that maybe back in the days it was used for Angus to Strip on?" Badlands66 chimed in, "Worth noting that a couple years later they did another track about venereal disease in Crabsody in Blue. The record company green lighted that one seemingly, but dropped it on the international release later on." An AC/DC icon ‘backing out’ of the 2020 reunion tour was judet revealed.