Rush Drummer Neil Peart Last Photo Before Death Leaks


Rush drummer Neil Peart tragically died on Friday of brain cancer at 67, and one of the last publicly released photos of him was released in January 2018, when he joined a very exclusive club. A rare photo of Neil Peart with a famous female singer and actress was revealed a few days ago.

Rush Is A Band tweeted, “Neil Peart is now a member of the California Channel Islands All Eight Club – a select group of around 200 people who have visited all 8 of the Channel Islands.”

Peter Frampton tweeted, “Rest In Peace Neil Peart. So sad to hear.”

Steven A. Bannas said, “Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist for Rush, died Tuesday, January 7th, in Santa Monica at age 67. The cause was brain cancer, which he had been quietly battling for three years, according to Elliott Mintz, a spokesperson for the Peart family.”

Stephen Thomas Erlewine said, “There was nobody else quite like Neil Peart. Set aside is technical prowess. Few drummers rival a group’s lead singer in terms of fame and fewer still defined their band with both their lyrics and rhythms.”

Danny Deraney wrote, “There is no rock and roll drummer better than Neil Peart. None before or will ever be.

The music world lost an icon today, who has had more of an impact than anyone that plays an instrument today.”

Troy Hughes said, “THIS JUST IN — Neil Peart, the iconic Hall of Fame drummer from Rush, has died at age 67

One of my favorite rockumentaries is ‘Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage’ … Here’s a great scene of how many saw Peart and how he saw himself #RIP.” A big name just denied last week that he will replace Neil Peart in Rush.