Adam Sandler Buys Very Expensive Guitars


Adam Sandler is widely known as a comedian and one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men in comedy movies. It is to be noted that he is also an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, providing the soundtrack to his stand-up comedy show “100% Fresh” on Netflix.

Adam Sandler reveals his great guitar collection

The actor has recently been on a tour across the US, where he’s performing with an impressive collection of guitars, which include distinguished Fender and Gibson models, among others.

His go-to axe seems to be a ’79 Fender Stratocaster with a unique Antigua finish, supported by a mid-’60s Fiesta Red Strat, as well as a Telecaster.

It is to be noted that The Tele in particular is also a stand-out, with a spalted maple top, gold hardware, and a highly figured roasted maple neck, probably from Fender’s Artisan Series.

Furthermore, Sandler has also sported a Duesenberg Phonic, a white semi-hollow with Phonico humbuckers, and a proprietary radiator vibrator unit. Aside from electric guitars, the actor has also used an acoustic Gibson SJ-200 and a black Fender Precision Bass, with all instruments aligned behind him on each show.

You can find more info on each stop of the tour here.

Following his performance at the SNHU Arena, he took to his Instagram account and posted pictures from the show. He wrote: “Hometown welcome was exceptional. Can’t thank you enough for making it so special. Love you all and won’t forget that night. Thanks for singing happy birthday to mom and thanks to Dan Patrick for popping on stage @snhuarena