Ex-Marilyn Manson Bandmate Poops His Pants Near Metal Icon: ‘It’s A Damn Mess’


Former Marilyn Manson bandmate John 5 discussed shitting his pants on stage in a new Dark Markley USA video.

“I was touring with Rob Zombie playing a show, and I had to fart, and I accidentally pooped my pants. It was horrible, Rob would come up to me and I said: ‘Listen, don’t come to this side of the stage, it’s horrible.’ It was running down my leg, I was sick and everything like that, so you can only imagine, it was a mess.

So Rob kept his distance and everything like that, but it was a damn mess. If anybody ever runs into Rob Zombie, you can verify this story. It was a terrible, terrible sad but true story.”

For professional musicians, life on the road is full of ups and downs with a few bumps along the way and countless memories. To encapsulate these tales, Dean Markley introduces “Tour Diaries”, a new and ongoing video series of first-person narratives. Hear from musicians of various backgrounds and levels of fame as they recount the most nerve-wracking, most embarrassing and most profound moments of their touring careers.

For several years, world-renowned strings manufacturer Dean Markley USA has interviewed top artists from around the world about their gear and playing technique. While the content always comes back to the music, there’s something to be said about the experiences that have inspired musicians to overcome their fears and hone their craft. For instance, you may have heard why a musician reaches for legendary Blue Steel strings, but maybe not about the time their guitar didn’t make it back onto the tour bus.

“Just when you think you’re at the end of your rope… Don’t give up — there’s no sense in that,” says Steve Cook, retelling a story of a supporting act that nearly ran out of money but caught a break through a chance meeting. Today, Cook is a bass player and producer who tours and records with an award-winning country music artist, but he’s looking forward to hearing fellow bassist and Dean Markley artist Nikki Sixx of MOTLEY CRÜE talk about touring in the 1980s. “Not the stuff you read about in books,” Cook clarified. “I want to hear about having to find the motel without Apple Maps.”

From the inspiring to the comically absurd, “Tour Diaries” span decades and musical influences. Who would have known that a young Craig Chaquico, founding member of Jefferson Starship, had to overcome his nerves after being heckled by a fan for being the new guy? Or, who wants to hear a dirty little secret from the stage courtesy of John 5, guitarist for Rob Zombie? This is real life on tour, shared by some of the industry’s most resilient musicians who continue to rely on Dean Markley’s durable strings, equipment and accessories. As these artists can attest, life on the road isn’t always glamorous, but it can help musicians grow and bring bands closer together. Dean Markley’s “Tour Diaries” celebrate these experiences, making connections between artists and helping to inspire future generations of musicians.