Aerosmith Leak Steven Tyler ‘Goodbye’ Message To Fans


Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer is saying bye to his Aerosmith bandmates for the next few months as he posted the following message on his ‘rockin’ and roastin’ coffee account. The account put: “That’s a wrap, Vegas! See you again in May. I thought I’d share another one from the archives. Here’s a photo from when we played a much smaller venue – this is from the opening of Mama Kin Music Hall in Boston, December 1994.” You can view the photo below. Steven Tyler daughter tight ‘night gown’ photo leaks.

In other Aerosmith news, fans recently took to social media to discuss the legacy and impact of one of the group’s most popular albums – ‘Rocks’ One fan posted: ” “Rocks” is a workmanlike album by Aerosmith, but also trippy in its way. “Combination,” for instance, is a hazily drugged-out tune, complete with washed-out, double-tracked vocals, a great riff, and lyrics that convey a sense of surrendering and abiding to an overwhelming habit. “Rocks” was made during the heyday of the Beantown Boys’ drinking and drugging lifestyle, and songs like “Combination” prove it.” Steven Tyler ‘collapses’ onstage at Aerosmith show.

The fan continued: “Elsewhere, “Last Child” and “Get the Lead Out” display some funk and street smarts, while “Rats in the Cellar” is a jumpin’ rocker in the same fast-paced vain as Def Leppard later did on the song “Rocks Off” from the 1980 album On Through the Night. And it should be noted that all heavy metal bands from the 1980s owe a debt to the dark metal sound heard on “Nobody’s Fault.” As far as the softer side of Aerosmith, “Home Tonight,” the closing song, might be the only moment when the band shows a hint of sentimentality. Steven Tyler sounds drained on the song, and his lack of spark indicates a hint of some of the inferior music that would come from the band in the 1980s.”

The fan concluded: “Tyler has the perfect rock ‘n’ roll voice: raspy, high-pitched and rugged in the right places. Throw in great guitar work by Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, a little harmonica and the inevitable 1970s handclaps, and you’ve got yourself a classic Aerosmith CD. All these songs are arena-ready, rockin’ and catchy; “Rocks” forbids sappy ballads with cheesy lyrics, thank God. The songs fly by.” Steven Tyler ‘cancels’ performance after tragic news.