Dave Mustaine Rejoins Metallica With Ex-Bassist In Photo


Dave Mustaine news! One time Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently shared this stunning recreation of a vintage Metallica lineup from 1981 which has modern era versions of Dave Mustaine and himself in the photo. You can view the photo below. Dave Mustaine ‘disrespected’ at club with Metallica singer.

In other news revolving Dave Mustaine and Metallica, fans took to the Metallica subreddit recently to discuss how different things would be had Dave Mustaine not been kicked out of the group. Dizmn stated that the band would be: “A confusing mess with no true lead guitarist. A lead guitarist isn’t just whoever plays the solos, it’s a different mindset and skillset. Dave recently and rightfully pointed out that he and James are two of the greatest rhythm players ever. James has needed Kirk to finish the songs, and Dave has needed any of the several incredible lead guitarists he’s worked with in Megadeth. Bands can work without a true lead (sup, Beatles?) but I’m not sure a thrash band could.”

Dave Mustaine ‘rejects’ final Metallica performance. Whereas Zolosw4g replied: “Lars would have probably been booted out as they planned to in 1986 since three control maniacs in one band is a no-no, Dave would have taken over the song composing while both James and him would write riffs. They probably wouldn’t have lasted very long, a couple of years at best, but they would have gone out as THE best thrash metal band in history without a doubt.”

While Elepimp_ said: “Lars would have gotten kicked most likely since they might have done that anyway if cliff had survived. Other than that they would overall be even more amazing with having way higher soloing skill and potential at the time especially without writing all the songs and singer and not having to focus on those and all of Dave’s riffs which were some of my favorites from no life il leather and further.” Metallica icon reveals Dave Mustaine ‘sickness’ photo.